Google play services not supported by my device?

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Start your update by finding Google Play Services in the Apps or Apps và Notifications settings. Dave sầu Johnson/Business Insider

3. Tap "See all apps" if you have sầu that option. Otherwise, you should already see a danh sách of all your apps.

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4. Tap "Google Play services."

5. Scroll khổng lồ the bottom of the page & tap "Advanced," then "App details." If you don"t see that, just choose "App details in store."


By tapping the liên kết for app details, you"ll be automatically sent to lớn the Google Play Store entry for Google Play Services. Dave sầu Johnson/Business Insider

6. In the Google Play Store, if you see "Install" at the top of the screen, tap that. If there"s an update available, tap "Update" instead. If all you see is "Deactivate," then your Google Play services are already up to lớn date.


Install the update if there"s one available. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

How lớn troubleshoot Google Play Services

If you continue to lớn have sầu trouble with Google Play Services, you should clear its cache & data. You can clear the cabít without risk, but if you clear the data, you"ll need to log inlớn your Google tài khoản again, so be sure you have sầu your username và password handy.

1. Start the Settings ứng dụng on your Android phone.

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2. Tap "Apps và Notifications," or "Apps" if that"s your only option.

3. Tap "See all apps" if you have that option. Otherwise, you should already see a danh sách of all your apps.

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4. Tap "Google Play services."

5. Tap "Storage."

6. To clear the cabịt, tap "Clear cabịt."

7. To clear the data, tap either "Clear Storage" or "Manage Storage," and then tap "Clear All Data."


Clear the cache và data lớn resolve problems with Google Play Services. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

Michelle Greenlee contributed khổng lồ an earlier version of this article.

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