How to stop syncing mail in android?

With technology & innovation, there are a lot of ways to communicate with other people from around the globe. The most common today is to lớn skết thúc gmail (digital messages) using Gmail. Google provides a không lấy phí web-based tin nhắn service that lets you skết thúc và receive sầu emails, plus a lot of other perks. On Android phones, it’s the mặc định tin nhắn tiện ích, so you don’t need khổng lồ go through the hassle of downloading the app. However, during the current update of the Android OS, there’s seems khổng lồ be the problem of Gmail syncing mail notifications that a lot of Android users experience.

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What is Gmail Syncing Mail Notification?

The advantage of having access to lớn your tin nhắn using Gmail app in your Android mobile is that it’ll automatically sync. What does this mean? For as long as you have a good internet connection, you’ll be notified of the messages you received in your Gmail trương mục in a real-time manner. Even though you aren’t using your phone, you can configure it lớn give sầu a beep or other notification sounds lớn let you know that you have a mail.


As a default, your Gmail app will automatically sync. Hence, you can see in your notification tray that Gmail is syncing. This is normal and it should take only seconds — with a fast internet connection và enough space in your storage. However, if it takes a while, it’ll be annoying. Many users have experienced this & some even last for several hours. Although this won’t bother you as it’s only in the notification tray or the notification area, it’s annoying. Every time you drop by the notification area, all you can think of it to lớn clear that space. It won’t disappear from there unless it has completed syncing — & it’ll take a while.

Cause of Gmail Syncing Mail Notification

There are three common reasons why Gmail could behave that way. The first is on the internet connection. When your connection isn’t that strong or intermittent, it’s just very obvious that Gmail syncing will take some time. Gmail will keep on syncing until it can deliver the amount of update it needed lớn give you.

Second is data storage. If you don’t have sầu enough space on your Mobile phone, Gmail syncing could take a while. Lastly, và the most overlooked reason is when your phone provides notifications of the apps running on the background. And, of course, if you mix your mail lớn give you an update of your emails now and then, there’s a greater chance that it’s running in the background. Hence, you can see a literal display of Gmail syncing on the notification tray.

Is there a fix khổng lồ this? Of course, there is. However, if the solution khổng lồ the problem needs new patches and fixes in the Gmail ứng dụng itself, you need to lớn tương tác technical tư vấn. But, before you tương tác tư vấn since you know the possible causes of the problem, the following could be the quichồng fixes.

How To Turn Off Gmail Syncing Mail Notification

If you are annoyed with the Gmail continue syncing, you are not alone. Here are a few procedures that will help you get rid of this issue forever.

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Disable the Notification

If you press và hold the notification, it’ll allow you to turn off that display. As simple as that. This might work for a lot of people, but not for all. Keep reading for some other possible alternatives.


Get Stable Internet Connection

Since Gmail needs an mạng internet connection, it will seek a more stable connection lớn properly sync and give sầu you the lademo update. For the ứng dụng khổng lồ establish a connection, you might need to connect it khổng lồ a Wi-Fi, unless you know your điện thoại data is svào enough. If this issue surfaces while using a data connection, try switching to lớn a Wi-Fi connection. Still, not working? Try lớn restart your connection or even restart your phone.

Clear Cache/Clear Data

When the tiện ích has so much cabít, it will be left with small storage space as it syncs. So, this translates to lớn slower syncing progress. Try clearing the cađậy of the phone & the Gmail app itself. This will help you không tính tiền some space & eventually makes your phone faster. Go to lớn Settings>Applications>Gmail. Then, tap on the ứng dụng, tap Storage và you can see the buttons there. (This path varies depending on the phone you have.)

Check Gmail Permissions

Some users reported another way khổng lồ alleviate this problem. Especially those who are using Google Pixel và Samsung Galaxy phones, doing the following helps them get rid of the Gmail syncing issue. Just go to the phone’s Settings>Apps and Notifications>Gmail>Permissions>Storage. You should toggle it on. Or, if it’s ON already, try turning it off và restart your phone. If the issue persists, try turning it ON again. This should vị the triông xã after restarting the phone again.

Update the Gmail App

None of the above-mentioned solutions work? Maybe your Gmail ứng dụng is outdated. Visit Google Play Store và go khổng lồ Installed ứng dụng. If the Update button on the Gmail phầm mềm is activated, that means, there’s already a newer version of the phầm mềm. Just hit the Update button và in no time, you’ll have sầu an updated Gmail app.

Skết thúc Feedbachồng to Gmail

It’s a different story now if you have sầu exhausted all efforts in following the procedures above sầu & you still are haunted by the bothering Gmail syncing. If you observed this after your lachạy thử OS update, that explains it. The lathử nghiệm version of Android provides notifications khổng lồ the apps running in the background. And, Google seems not to lớn give Gmail an exception. If this is the case, the only thing lớn solve this problem is lớn liên hệ support.


The Final Say

While Gmail phầm mềm is very convenient, some users experience the annoying Gmail syncing mail notification. Although it’s not detrimental to lớn your phone’s functionality & even with its battery, it’s just annoying. You tover lớn swipe down your notification tray & want to get rid of it there. Turning the notification off does the trichồng for some, but for other users, Gmail seems hardheaded.

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If the issue persists after literally turning off the said notification, a slow internet connection can be the culprit. Likewise, insufficient storage also causes this problem to lớn surface. We have shared with you a few more steps to help you get rid of this disturbing and persisting notification. Share with us if you have other solutions we haven’t included in this article.

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