How to fix gmail attachment errors

Have you ever faced this issue on your Gmail account that emails with attachments don’t send? You may get error messages like “Attachment failed” or “Can’t Attach file” & if you try sending mails without the attachment, there are no such messages. So, here are some ways to fix if you can’t send emails with attachments on Gmail.

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Fix Can’t Sover Emails With Attachments

There may be a number of reasons for emails not sending with attachments including attachment size, browser or extension issue, or some network issue. Here we have listed some ways khổng lồ fix these issues.

1. Check Attachment kích cỡ limit

First of all, you should check the size of the attachment you are trying to sover. To be noted, you can sover up to lớn 25 MB files as attachments on Gmail whether it’s a single tệp tin or multiple files. If you want to skết thúc more than 25 MB, Gmail will automatically create a Google Drive liên kết for this instead of including it as an attachment.


Normally, you can easily add attachments lớn an email but if it creates a Google dive sầu links, it will be sent as a text in the toàn thân. You can also skết thúc the sharable links to the recipients from your Google Drive và give access to them.

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2. Update or Change Web Browser

The next thing you should check, if your Gmail can’t send attachments, is your website browser. First of all, you should know that Gmail is supported only on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge browsers. Now, make sure you have the lathử nghiệm version of the website browser.

Depending on your website browser, you can check for updates either directly in the browser or by visiting the developer trang web. On Chrome, you can check it by typing the “Chrome://help” in the address bar.

If on one browser, your Gmail is showing the said error, you may also consider switching the browser khổng lồ see if that resolves the issue. Sometimes you may find that Gmail file attachment works fine in an alternative sầu browser. After that, open Gmail in another browser và then attach the tệp tin lớn an tin nhắn.

3. Disable the Web Browser Proxy

If you’ve sầu phối up a web browser proxy, this might be causing the issue with Gmail can’t send emails with attachments. So you should try disabling the proxy hệ thống. Here’s how:

1. Cliông xã the search button on the Windows 10 taskbar, and tìm kiếm for ‘mạng internet options’.

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2. Select Internet properties from the search results and click the Connections tab.



3. After that, press the LAN settings button.

4. Now, look for Use a proxy hệ thống for your LAN setting and deselect the box beside it.


5. Cliông xã on the OK button.

So, if the ‘Attachment failed’ error message says that the issue could be due lớn a proxy VPS, switching the browser proxy off might fix the error.

Apart from these, sometimes the attachment error could be because of an internet issue, so you should also check your connection.

These were some ways to fix if you can’t send emails with attachments on Gmail. We hope you’d be able to solve sầu the issue using these troubleshooting methods, & if not, you can try contacting Google or switch lớn another tin nhắn service.

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