Fix: email attachments blocked for security reasons

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On some occasions, RAR attachments simply remain blocked in Gmail due khổng lồ security reasons.Certain Gmail tệp tin format limitations are the culprit, so let’s see how to lớn avoid getting this error.

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However, there are also quite a few tệp tin formats Google doesn’t really support in Gmail.

A Blocked for security reasons error message appears when Gmail users try to lớn attach certain tệp tin formats khổng lồ their emails. Then the users need khổng lồ find another way to skết thúc the files.

Gmail blocks numerous file types primarily lớn stop virus attachments. Users can’t attach EXE, DLL, DMG, VB, CMD, BAT, JAR, VBS, JSE, PIF, VXD, JSE, APK, INS, SCT, MSI aao ước other formats.

Also, one can’t attach programs, scripts, software installers, and batch files lớn Gmail emails.

On the other hand, Gmail doesn’t blochồng clean ZIPhường & RAR archive formats. This is why some Gmail users are surprised when getting a Blocked for security reasons message for such files.

However, you can’t attach RAR and ZIP. archives to emails if they include tệp tin types and formats Gmail blocks.

As such, archiving EXE & other files that Gmail blocks does not enable you khổng lồ attach them khổng lồ emails.

 What khổng lồ vị if Gmail is blocking ZIP files/RAR archive?

1. Consider using a different email client



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3. Edit the file extensions included within the RAR archive

Select the File name extensions checkbox on that tab.mở cửa the thư mục where you’ve saved the files you need to include in your RAR archive sầu.Then, change the extension at the kết thúc of the file to lớn an alternative sầu format, & press the Enter key (eg. change an EXE to a PNG).Change the formats of all the files in the RAR archive sầu with acceptable ones.Finally, simply mix up your RAR archive sầu with the files you modified.Changing the files included within the RAR archive lớn formats that Gmail doesn’t bloông chồng is a quiông chồng workaround to lớn take into consideration.

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You can mix up a new RAR archive with the modified file formats and attach it to an tin nhắn, as described above sầu.

Do keep in mind that the recipient will need to restore the files included within the RAR archive to lớn their original formats.

4. Send the RAR as a Google Drive link

Click the My Drive button to open the thực đơn.Select Upload files to lớn open the Open window.Then select your RAR tệp tin khổng lồ save sầu in Google Drive, và clichồng the Open button.Cliông xã the Get sharable link lớn turn on link sharing.Press the Done button.mở cửa Gmail in your browser.Clichồng the Compose button lớn open Gmail’s gmail text editor.Select the Drive link option if it’s now already selected.Click the Insert button.Then you can sover the gmail with a Google Drive links for the RAR. The recipient can select khổng lồ tải về the tệp tin from the URL.

Alternatively, you can sover a RAR tệp tin that Gmail would otherwise block by inserting it from Google Drive.

This means you need lớn save the RAR in your GD storage. Then you can select to insert files from GD in Gmail.

One last note, you could also save the RAR to lớn a file host, và then skết thúc a URL for the tệp tin to lớn the recipient. This software guide provides further details for the best file-sharing applications.

So that’s how you can sover a RAR file, & any other file, that Gmail usually blocks via gmail.

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Have sầu you used any of these methods? Please drop us a line in the comments section below & cốt truyện your experience with us.

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