How to backup and restore hangout messages on android

Google Hangouts, the communication application from Google, is used extensively khổng lồ chat with friends, colleagues, và clients. Google had released it as a part of the Google + but made it a standalone application in 2013. It is useful in communication processes because it provides a simple messaging interface where the user does not need lớn sover a mail to lớn others but conduct a simple chat.

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Today, it is part of the Google Workspace (G Suite) line of products và consists of two essential components: Google Meet and Google Chat. Here are the features of the Google Hangouts that enhance the chất lượng of the communication:

More than two users can chat with each other.The previous chats are saved online, which makes these messages available on various devices.Images can be shared.Users can mô tả emoji symbols.A đoạn Clip chat facility is available.The Android & iOS platforms have sầu sản phẩm điện thoại versions of the application.The Google Chrome users bởi vì not need lớn install a plugin separately as it is available by mặc định.Why Should You Take the Backup of Google Hangouts Messages?

Google Hangouts is used not only for informal chats with your team members but for professional purposes also. For example, for interviews, webinars, client demonstrations of your software, business consultations, etc.

Due lớn the importance of the nội dung of these messages, you will not lượt thích lớn thua thảm such messages. So, backups are also important.


Instant Solution

Kernel G Suite Backup an automated tool to backup Google Hangouts/Chats, Contacts, Emails, Google Drive data & Calendar in few steps.

How khổng lồ Take the Manual Backup of the Google Hangout?

Google has not provided any dedicated method to take the backup of the chats separately. But there is a very simple method that you can apply lớn save the chats in PDF format.

Login to lớn your Gmail account.In the textbox type in:chats and press enter. It will retrieve sầu all the messages present in the hangout chats.
Note: You can also type label:chats, và it will recover the same results.
If the Chats thư mục is visible in the thư mục danh sách of your mailbox, then then you can select the messages there.
Choose the emails that you want to save sầu và open them. Gmail will open all the chats from the same day in an gmail like page.Cliông xã the three dots at the top-right hand side. Then click Print.In the given printer options, there will be options for saving the emails in the PDF format. Such options are available in major browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.You can save the emails in the PDF format, và you can save sầu them at any desired location.Limitations of the Manual Method

When you save the Hangouts chats in the PDF files, then you can keep the chat of only a single day. It is tiresome to lớn save sầu the chat of multiple days & with different users. If you have sầu to backup chats of many months, then it will take much time.

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An Automated Method to Backup G Suite Data

If you want lớn easily backup your Google Hangouts chats, then you should use a professional tool that supports the Google environment. Kernel G Suite Backup tool is one such a quality tool that does the backup of all the Google Apps. You can save sầu Gmail emails, contacts, calendars, appointments, và chats, also. If you want lớn keep your chats in backup, then you can follow the below procedure-

Start the software, and on the trang chủ screen, & click the Add button to add the G Suite trương mục.
In the Google Workspace Login page, you need to provide the G Suite trương mục, its Service Account ID, và the public Phường 12 key. Then choose a single mailbox. Clichồng Add.
After successfully adding the G Suite account, click Set Filter & Migrate.
In the Filter Selection page, you can see all the folders of your G Suite mailbox. You can also see the Chat thư mục. Deselect all the other accounts except the Chat folder. Apply the remaining filters & click I am OK Start Migration.
Choose the destination format and cliông xã OK.
Browse the thư mục to lớn save sầu the chats in the selected format. Click OK.
The Chat thư mục is saved successfully. Clichồng OK.
Save the report in the CSV format. Cliông chồng OK.

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Video Tutorial How khổng lồ Take a Backup of Google Hangouts Chats?



The manual process to backup Google Hangouts chats has many limitations. Kernel G Suite Backup is an advanced backup tool that simplifies the G Suite backup process, including that of Google Hangouts chats. You can get the miễn phí trial version of the software và take the backup of 10 items per thư mục. The report option is also available there in the trial version.

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