How to insert horizontal and vertical lines in google docs

I am working with data from a Google Spreadsheets obtained from a Google Forms and I want lớn send an gmail of response to a customer. That"s why I created a Google Script.

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Is it possible to add an horizontal line/rule khổng lồ the Gmail toàn thân using GmailApp.sendEmail(...)? Something like:

GmailApp.sendEmail("example", "Title", "Hello. ");I know I can use "---------" to lớn simulate the bar, but I am curious if there exists such command in Google Script.


I have sầu searched on the Google Developers webpage but the results are for Google Docs, not Gmail App.

From above, this seems lớn be the command I am looking for, but I don"t know how to implement it inside the parameters of GmailApp.sendEmail(...).


Q1: Is it possible to add an horizontal line/rule to the Gmail body toàn thân using GmailApp.sendEmail(...)?

A1: In this case, when the HTML toàn thân is used, the horizontal line can be put using . The sample script is as follows.

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GmailApp.sendEmail("mail address", "sample subject", "sample text body", htmlBody: "sample text 1sample text 2");Q2: Since you have sầu found the htmlBody I don"t need anymore the 3rd parameter of sendE-Mail so: For a correct syntax bởi we have to write "" as 3rd parameter?

A2: If you doesn"t use the text toàn thân, you can also modify above script as follows.

GmailApp.sendEmail("mail address", "sample subject", "", htmlBody: "sample text 1sample text 2");or, you can also use MailApp.sendEmail() as follows.

MailApp.sendEmail(to: "mail address", subject: "sample subject", htmlBody: "sample text 1sample text 2");


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