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America is both in search of, and finding sex - but who’s actively searching for “Where to lớn find hookup places near me”?To identify the “thirstiest,” or most sex-crazed cities & states in the US, we used Google tìm kiếm volume data for terms ranging from “dating apps,” “best bars for singles,” “how khổng lồ get more matches on Tinder,” “best pick-up lines,” “where to lớn buy condoms,” & more.

Here’s a look at the results of our tìm kiếm for the best place in the country for hookups.


Hookup Hotspots by State

After combing through all of the Google search data, we found that the No. 1 thirstiest state in the country was a surprising frontrunner: Rhode Islvà. Perhaps it’s the close proximity of everyone in the state or the beautiful views that the Eastern seaboard provides—but no matter the reason, Rhode Isl& came in on top.

Coming in at No. 2 was Maine, followed by Michigan, New Hampshire, và Massachusetts in fifth place. Making up the rest of the page đầu were Ohio at No. 6, followed by Pennsylvania, Vermont, Washington, & Wisconsin.

At No. 11 we have Coloravì, followed by Florida, Nevada, Missouri, Montamãng cầu, Minnesota, Arizomãng cầu, Oregon, New York, Iowa, Nebraska, Delaware, Connecticut, Illinois, and finally Georgia, which rounds out the top 25.

Interestingly, the top half of our danh sách didn’t include California—& states like Nevada & Thành Phố New York were far lower on the các mục than what you would presume. Some surprising top hookup spots were Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Nebraska, which we’re guessing got a big boost by the university presence in those states.

In finding our hotkiểm tra hookup spots around the country, this ultimately leads us to finding the least likely hookup spots. Coming in at No.

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50—right at the bottom of the pile—was Mississippi, which was preceded by Louisiana, Alaska, West Virginia, và Oklahoma, who all made up the bottom five sầu.

At No. 45 was Arkansas, which was preceded by California, South Dakota, Maryland, and Utah, who rounded out the rest of the bottom 10 hookup spots in the country.

At No. 40 is Hawaii, preceded by Texas, South Carolimãng cầu, New Mexiteo, Alabama, Kentucky, North Dakota, Virginia, Idaho, Wyoming, Kansas, Tennessee, Indiamãng cầu, New Jersey, và North Carolimãng cầu at No. 26.

Whether these states are already well equipped with everything they need for a casual tryst or they’re more interested in their Netflix queue, these states aren’t too interested in using Google for help with hooking up.


Thirstiest Cities

Now that we know which states are the thirstiest, we wanted to lớn dive sầu in a little deeper and find out which cities were the best cities for Tinder hookups in America.

Based on tìm kiếm volume per capita, we found that the hotthử nghiệm hookup spot in the country was Denver, followed by Seattle, Washington D.C., Dallas, Nashville, Detroit, Chicago, Boston, Austin, và Houston, which rounds out the page đầu. In the No. 11 spot is Charlotte, followed by Phoenix, San Francisteo, San Antonio, San Diego, Columbus, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, San Jose, Jacksonville, Memphis. Fort Worth, El Paso, & finally at the No 25 spot: New York.

What was surprising about this menu was the fact two of the largest cities in America—New York & Los Angeles—ranked so low on this top 25 list. Some surprising frontrunners for this danh sách were Southern cities Dallas & Nashville as well as political highbrow city, Washington D.C., which just goes to show you that you can never judge a đô thị by its cover.

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