How to recover google password without resetting

Forgot your Gmail password và can no longer access your tin nhắn account? It"s a big problem, I know. But don"t despair, I can help you out. I beg your pardon? You"ll gladly accept my help, but would you lượt thích to get it done without changing the password associated with your account? Well, the result, I"ll tell you right now, is not insured but in any case, it doesn"t hurt to lớn try.

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So if you"re really interested in this matter, I suggest you don"t waste any more precious time, make yourself comfortable in front of your trusty computer and start immediately to lớn focus on reading this guide of mine dedicated to how to lớn recover your tin nhắn password without changing it. In the following lines I"ll show you how lớn use a third buổi tiệc nhỏ tool designed for this purpose that can allow you lớn recover the login credentials of your Google mail account provided that certain prerogatives are respected.

We solve sầu your problem!

In addition to telling you how to retrieve sầu your Gmail password without changing it, for the sake of completeness and in the event that the above system should prove ineffective, I will explain how to lớn access your Google mail trương mục again by changing the password associated with it, how lớn safeguard your passwords & how khổng lồ generate secure passwords. Happy reading!

Retrieve sầu your Gmail password without changing it

As I told you, recovering your Gmail password without changing it is possible, you just need to use a third party tool: Google Password Decrypter. This is a special software for Windows operating systems that allows you to lớn recover the username & password of your Google trương mục by scanning all web browsers and messaging programs installed on your computer và extrapolating any login data detected by them. In short, a real "panacea".

But it"s not all gold that glitters! If on the one hand the use of this program is very useful to lớn recover Gmail passwords without changing them, on the other hand it is essential that the password of the tài khoản of interest has been saved on your computer to make it effective. The software, in fact, is able to reveal the access data of the accounts for which it was saved directly on the PC, so it is essential that you have done this in the past to lớn be able khổng lồ recover Gmail passwords without changing them. In case the data referring khổng lồ your Google trương mục has never been saved on your computer, recovering the access credentials of the same with this software will be practically impossible.

Having done this, in order to use the software the first step you have sầu to vị is lớn click here so that you can immediately connect to lớn the download page of Google Password Decrypter. Then click on the green download thành tích which is located at the Contents heading, then on the Download button and then on the Download links which is located at the name of the program in the new web page that is shown to lớn you.

Then wait for the software to be downloaded to lớn your PC (if the tải về does not start automatically, click on the Download Link in the website page that opened in your browser) and then open, by double-clicking on it, the compressed archive you just obtained & extract the nội dung inlớn any folder.

Then start the Setup_GooglePasswordDecryptor.exe program và, in the window that opens, first clichồng on the Next button twice in a row, then on the Install button & then on Yes. When you are done, cliông xã on the Close button to cthua thảm the installation window of the program.


Wait a few moments for the Google Password Decrypter window khổng lồ appear on the screen (if the software does not start on its own, double-clichồng on the ibé that has been added to lớn the desktop) and then click on the Start Recovery button at the top right.

If you have saved your Gmail account data on your computer, you will find the name of the program you saved your password with in the Application column, under the Google Account Name column you will find your Google tài khoản và under the Password column you will find the password in clear text.


At this point you can say you"re satisfied: you"ve managed lớn complete the entire process of recovering your Gmail password without changing it. My compliments. If you wish, you can also export the data you have sầu just retrieved lớn a special tệp tin. To do this, cliông chồng the Report button at the bottom right of the program window và choose the location where you want khổng lồ save it.

Gmail password recovery

Did you use the above mentioned software in an attempt lớn recover your Gmail password without changing it, but since you did not save sầu the data in question on your computer its use was not effective? So why don"t you try khổng lồ follow the wizard proposed by Google itself, which allows you khổng lồ log in khổng lồ your trương mục again & change the password for the login? I know, it wasn"t exactly what you wanted but better than nothing, don"t you think?

In that case, the first step you need lớn take is lớn cliông xã here to lớn connect lớn the Google trương mục tư vấn website page, fill in the field shown on the screen by typing your Gmail gmail address & cliông chồng the Next button. Now go ahead và enter the last password you rethành viên associated with your trương mục in the field below Enter the last password you remember & then click the Continue button.

If you can"t think of a password, go directly khổng lồ the next step by clicking the Don"t know button or try another question (the button displayed may vary depending on whether the device you are using is a device you have logged in khổng lồ in the past or not and depending on the information you have provided to lớn Google). Then answer the next question and/or correctly complete the proposed action (e.g. indicate your tài khoản creation date, answer your secret question, provide an alternative gmail address, etc.) & cliông xã the Next button.

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On the new web page that you will be shown at this point, fill in the Create passwordConfirm password fields by typing the new password you intkết thúc to use for Gmail, then clichồng on the Change password button to confirm your choice và to lớn complete the procedure.


Keep in mind that if you have sầu activated two-step verification on your tài khoản (i.e. combined authentication via traditional password và temporary codes to be received via SMS) Google will ask you if you have sầu your phone at hvà. Then tick the box under I can access my phone or backup options và clichồng the Continue button khổng lồ retrieve sầu your Gmail account password via a security code lớn be received via SMS or an gmail links.

Alternatively, choose the option I can"t access my phone or the backup options (in this case it may take up khổng lồ 3-5 working days to lớn restore access to lớn my account) or the option I haven"t enabled two-step verification if you"re sure you"ve sầu never enabled this feature.


If you have sầu selected the first option, confirm that you are the owner of the email address or Smartphone phone number that Google will give you và follow the instructions on the screen. For example, in the case of the gmail, you will have sầu to lớn open the Google message received at your secondary tin nhắn address that you must have phối up before you thảm bại your Gmail access data & cliông chồng on the link contained within it. In the case of the SMS, you will have to enter the confirmation code received on your điện thoại thông minh.

Useful tips

For the future, in order lớn avoid wasting valuable time trying khổng lồ recover Gmail passwords without changing them, I suggest you use one of the special resources that I have indicated in my guide on password programs khổng lồ manage and store the access key of your Google tài khoản và beyond.


In order lớn allow you khổng lồ increase the security of your tài khoản, I would also like khổng lồ suggest some basic rules to lớn create a secure password. First of all, I invite you to lớn use a unique password for each online service and website you use và khổng lồ avoid meaningful passwords in the most absolute sense. You should also try lớn use not only lower case letters but also capital letters, numbers và special characters (e.g. exclamation points, brackets, etc.) to generate them.

How much language should the password be? I would say between ten & fifteen characters. You can help yourself with the online service The Password Meter which you can access by clicking here (if you rethành viên correctly I also told you about it in my guide on how to make a secure password).


If you want help creating passwords that meet all of the above sầu requirements, please see my tutorial on generating passwords I"ve sầu prepared for you. You can choose any software, they are all extremely reliable.

Frequently asked questions and answers

How bởi I view my Gmail password without changing it?

It is possible lớn recover Gmail password without moving it, just use a third-tiệc ngọt tool: Google Password Decrypter.

How can I recover my Gmail trương mục if I can"t remember anything?

Follow the steps khổng lồ recover your Google or Gmail Account. We"re going to lớn ask you some questions to confirm that it"s yours. Answer them to the best of your ability. ... Restitute your password when prompted. Choose a secure password that you haven"t already used with this tài khoản.

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