How to adjust the size of my inbox on gmail


If you want to lớn override the text kích cỡ or change the phông in incoming email, there is a way khổng lồ bởi this for GMail (Google Mail) using the Google Chrome browser. This guide is for reading email using GMail, not for composing email.

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This guide also comes with the caveat that at any point Google may change its underlying code & the tweaks below will require updating. Let us know using the comments feature if the adjustments stop working, & also if they have sầu been useful khổng lồ you.

Setting up

You need lớn install the miễn phí Stylish extension to Google Chrome.

In Google Chrome, open a new tab.Click the link to lớn Chrome Web Store. This will either be a large button in the main part of the tab, or at the bottom right corner of the tab.In the Chrome Web Store, search (top left) for “Stylish”.On the results page, clichồng the Extensions button at the top.In the results danh mục, find the Stylish extension written by ‘’.Click the + Add To Chrome button for the Stylish extension.Click the Add button in the Confirm New Extension popup that appears.

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Stylish will be added khổng lồ Chrome và its inhỏ will appear top right, next lớn the main Chrome settings inhỏ.

Creating the customisation to Google Mail

To force GMail lớn show incoming emails with your choice of font:

In Google Chrome, click the Stylish inhỏ (top right).Clichồng Manage installed styles from the popup bubble.Cliông chồng the Write new style button on the left.In the Name field, type GMail.Cheông xã the Enabled kiểm tra box.Into lớn the Code box on the main part of the page, copy and paste the following:

.gs .iifont-family:"times new roman",serif !important;font-size:12pt;.gs fontfont-family:"times new roman",serif !important;font-size:12pt;

Change the fonts form size, by changing the numbers in the code.Change the font type, by changing the font-family parts of the code. Here are some examples:font-family:"arial",sans serif !important;font-family:"georgia",serif !important;font-family:"trebuchet MS",sans serif !important;

Cliông xã the Specify button at the bottom of the code box.

Change the Applies to drop down thực đơn to lớn ‘URLs on the domain’.Type the following in the adjacent box:ông chồng the Add button.Clichồng the Save button on the left side of the page.Cthảm bại the Stylish tab.Go khổng lồ Google Mail and you will see the changes.

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To change these settings (including deactivating) cliông xã the Stylish ibé at the top of Google Chrome & then cliông xã the Edit links under GMail in the popup.

Changing the background colour when reading emails in GMail

To change the background colour to lớn a light grey when reading incoming gmail messages, add the following code khổng lồ your Stylish code box:

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