How to empty the trash in gmail

Reader Richard Applebaum wants deleted tin nhắn messages really, truly deleted. He writes:

What I’m trying to achieve is a state where tin nhắn in my Gmail trương mục that I delete is entirely deleted. I find that when I delete messages they sometimes move sầu lớn Trash, và sometimes go lớn Deleted Messages. I’ve sầu also found that when I empty the Trash và Deleted Messages, the messages may still live on in Gmail’s All Mail mailbox. How, in Apple’s Mail, can I really get rid of these messages?

I’m pleased khổng lồ report that MacRumors regular blairwillis his figured this one out. You’ll want khổng lồ take a gander at the process as originally outlined but here’s the gist.

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Via the Gmail website, cliông chồng the Settings button (the one that bears a Gear icon) và choose Settings. In the resulting screen click Forwarding and POP/IMAP.. Be sure that in the IMAP.. Access area Enable IMAP is enabled and that Auto-Expunge On – Immediately Update the Server (default) is likewise enabled. If you’ve sầu made any changes, cliông xã Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.

Configure Gmail with these IMAPhường settings.

Now launch Mail, choose Mail > Preferences, select your Gmail tài khoản, and clichồng the Mailbox Behaviors tab. In the Trash area be sure that both options—Move sầu Deleted Messages to the Trash Mailbox & Store Deleted Messages on the Server—are enabled. From the pop-up menu below choose an interval after which the trashed messages will be deleted (your options are Never, One Day Old, One Week Old, One Month Old, và Quitting Mail). If you want to delete messages Right Now, you can vày that manually, as I’ll discuss shortly.

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If Mail’s sidebar isn’t exposed choose View > Show Mailbox List. Find the entry for your Gmail tài khoản và if its contents aren’t shown, click the Show vật phẩm next khổng lồ it lớn reveal its folders. Cliông xã the triangle next to lớn the entry to show its contents. Select the Trash mailbox và choose Mailbox > Use This Mailbox For > Trash.

Turn Gmail’s Trash thư mục inkhổng lồ the real thing with this commvà.

When you do so, this Trash entry will disappear from its present location. Instead, it will appear under Mail’s main Trash heading. Now, when you delete a message, it will disappear from your Gmail Inbox (as well as from the All Mail mailbox) & move sầu lớn this Trash mailbox.

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If you’d lượt thích lớn delete those messages right this instant, Control-clichồng (right-click) on this Gmail Trash mailbox & choose Erase Deleted Items. Confirm that you wish to vị this in the sheet that appears & Mail will not only delete the messages from your Mac, but communicate with Gmail’s server và instruct it khổng lồ delete the messages there as well.

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