How to port or transfer your number in google voice

Google offers those who use Google Voice the ability to lớn change their phone numbers quickly và easily for the low cost of $10. At this cost, you can choose a new area code và search for a number based entirely on both numbers và letters. This is incredibly useful for anyone who has recently moved into lớn a new area code and would prefer lớn keep a local number. Also great for anyone wishing to personalize their phone number (think 555-THE-BEST or something along those lines).

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On this new screen ensure that you’re on the ‘Phones‘ tab at the top.Cliông chồng on the xanh ‘Change/Port‘ hyperlink.Select ‘Continue‘ in the new pop-up window that confirms you’re willing khổng lồ pay the $10.Select a phone number from the options thực đơn, then click ‘Continue.’Once payment is complete, you’ll receive a few different emails. Some with updates & others that will provide further instructions in order to complete the process.

After the entire process is finished, the changes should be immediate & you’ll be able to lớn use your new number right away. If you look at the numbers you have on Google Voice, the old number will still be visible.

It will remain after the number change, for a full 90-days until disappearing from the danh mục. Your new number will be visible as well. Once the 90-days has ended, Google will sover out emails with the contacts who have used your old number.

Keep Your Current Phone Number (Port A Number lớn Google Voice)

Planning to change your sản phẩm điện thoại plan và found a better deal with a competitor? This happens more often than you think. Your monthly bill will be a little cheaper than last month and your service is still just as good. But what about the phone number? You’ve sầu been using the same number for several years. It’s the one all of your friends và family have sầu saved in their phone. Do you hold off?

If you want to lớn get a new number but still want to lớn keep your old one, Google Voice can be the answer to lớn your prayers. It offers individuals the chance lớn port their existing number over khổng lồ their service for a one-time fee of $đôi mươi. So not only will you get the new number with your new service, but you can also maintain your existing number và have all calls forwarded from that number lớn the new one. How awesome is that?

You’ll need lớn know that when you port a number khổng lồ Google Voice, you can’t use the Google Voice phầm mềm to lớn send text messages–it requires a data connection over Wi-Fi or a sản phẩm điện thoại network. But you can, however, have Google Voice forward SMS texts to lớn your new number. When replying khổng lồ the incoming texts using your regular messaging phầm mềm, the messages will appear to lớn come from your new Google Voice number.

This is the same way that phone calls will work. With call-forwarding turned on, you can make and receive sầu calls from your Google Voice number, even without a data connection. This should go without saying but you will need two phone numbers in order to port a number khổng lồ Google Voice. This is your existing number where the calls & texts are received, and the new number to lớn where they will be forwarded.

Your existing number will be the one ported over và must remain active at the time you begin the process. So DO NOT cancel your tài khoản before doing so. The new number can be one provided to lớn you by your current carrier or a new carrier. Your second number can even be one from Google Voice. If you are switching carriers, once you start a new account with them & port your number over lớn Google Voice, Google will cancel your previous carrier trương mục on your behalf. For a new number while remaining with the same carrier, after the number is added lớn Google Voice, Google will cancel your old number.

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It’s very important that you don’t attempt to make such a change while still in the middle of a contract. Porting your number over has the potential to carry with it an Early Termination Fee (ETF) if canceled early. To be sure, tương tác the customer tư vấn of your current carrier & inform them of what your plans are before you cancel. They’ll be able to make a note on your tài khoản to not charge you an ETF when you finally cancel.

Calls and text messages to lớn both numbers will reach you so long as call-forwarding has been turned on. However, outbound calls and texts will only be sent from your primary Google Voice number. Google Voice does allow you to swap which number you want as your primary, at any time you’d like.

To port a number over to lớn your Google Voice account:

Open Google Voice in your browser và log in. You must be within 90 days of the cancelation process in order to port the number over. Any later & the number will be unavailable. You’ll find Settings
at the top right, so go ahead & cliông chồng it.Cliông chồng ‘Account‘ then click on ‘Change‘ under your phone number just as we did above sầu.Click over lớn the ‘Phones‘ tab.Clichồng ‘Change/Port‘ then cliông chồng ‘I want to lớn use my điện thoại number.’Type in your phone number và select ‘Cheông xã for available options.’Cheông xã the boxes that appear confirming you accept the conditions of porting.

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