Delete your gmail service

Gmail’s collaboration tools & integration with other Google products make it the easy choice for most people when it comes to lớn picking a go-lớn email service.

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Next, Google will present you with the options again. If you’re ready lớn delete your Gmail account, click on Delete a Google Service. 
Next, click on the trash can ibé to lớn delete your Gmail account. Google may ask you khổng lồ verify your identity with another Google verification text.

You’ll be asked lớn provide a different non-Google email address before you can proceed. This non-Gmail address is for signing in to lớn other Google services lượt thích Google Play, Docs, or Calendar.

Enter the non-Gmail gmail address then clichồng Sover Verification Thư điện tử.


Check your alternate tin nhắn và open the verification message from Gmail. Clichồng on the link lớn continue with removing your Gmail address.This step is important. Your Gmail address won’t be deleted until you clichồng on the link.

Note: Before you delete Gmail, you can tải về your emails by clichồng on the “Download Data” liên kết on the top of the Google services danh mục. You can choose to tải về all emails or select specific labels. The downloaded file will be in MBOX format và can be opened by connecting an active sầu Gmail account with an tin nhắn client lượt thích Thunderbird.

Finally, cliông chồng “Remove sầu Gmail” as the last step.Note that deleting your Gmail address will not free up your Google/Gmail username.

 If you want to keep the tài khoản but delete your contact list, read How To Delete All Google Gmail Contacts.

Next Steps

You can not sign up for Gmail with the same username in the future. Since a Gmail address is also connected to a Google trương mục, deleting it will not delete any data from other Google services like YouTube, Google Search history, and Google Drive. If you did not download your emails from the tài khoản, all of your emails will be inaccessible.

The next thing khổng lồ vị after deleting a Gmail address is to update any document that might have that tin nhắn address. This might include business cards, resumes, your website’s liên hệ info, and other places where you gave sầu that email address as a way to liên hệ you should now be updated.

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Remove Gmail from Your Phone

Another step you may need khổng lồ take is to delete your Gmail tài khoản from your phone (this is especially important if you don’t want lớn see pop-ups on your phone asking you to sign in).

With both Apple and Android devices head over to lớn the settings on your phone & locate your ‘Accounts.’ This can be done easily by typing ‘Accounts’ into the Settings’ search bar.

Locate the trương mục and tap on it. Both Android and Apple give you the option to lớn remove an trương mục. Once you tap on it, you’ll then need khổng lồ confirm. The trương mục will disappear from your phone’s trương mục menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

At TechJunkie we get a lot of questions about using Gmail và other Google services.

Here are our answers to lớn some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about using, creating, và deleting Gmail accounts.

Can I delete my Gmail and still keep my Google Docs?

Yes, the instructions above sầu are for your Gmail account only. You can still access your Google docs and saved Google Suite data.

Is Gmail secure?

As with most công nghệ, Gmail’s security depends on the user. Setting up two-factor authentication, updating your password regularly, và keeping the liên hệ information up-to-date are steps you need lớn take to insure your Gmail is secure.

What happens when someone sends me an gmail after I delete my account?

The sender will receive a reply tin nhắn stating that the message is undeliverable. It does not explain why the tin nhắn wasn’t sent.

What if I use my Gmail for logging into other sites?

Before you delete your email, make sure that you update your gmail address on all of your accounts it’s tied to. You will have to go to each site và update the contact information.

What happens if someone sends me an email?

If someone sends you an email after you’ve sầu followed the steps described above sầu it will alert them with the ‘Message Undelivered’ notification. Since you will receive no notifications regarding new messages once the trương mục is deleted, it’s important to update your liên hệ information for every account or liên hệ affiliated with that address.

Final Thoughts

Inactive tin nhắn accounts are prime targets for hackers and it invites the risk of getting your personal information stolen.

As such, if you’re not using a particular Gmail address, then it’s in your best interest to lớn properly delete it rather than have it open to hacking.

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Fortunately, by following the steps outlined above sầu, you can quickly và easily delete any old và forgotten Gmail addresses.

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