Well, Tinder has over 66 million users – It is one of the apps that doesn’t need any introduction or explanation when its name is mentioned.

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If you want lớn tìm kiếm on Tinder for someone then this is for you.

Unlike most apps, or social truyền thông, you cannot search for a person on Tinder, nor see the last time they’ve sầu been active sầu. However, there are ways that vị let you know if a person has been using Tinder.

Things you want to lớn consider:

1. If you have sầu a Tinder tài khoản or not.

Having a Tinder account obviously enough can make it a lot easier to kiểm tra if someone’s on Tinder, or knowing someone’s active sầu on Tinder.

Or if you know someone that has a Tinder tài khoản can be just as helpful, because if you’re cthảm bại with one another, they can help you with knowing if your person, whoever it is that you’re trying to find out, is on Tinder, or has been active sầu on Tinder.

2. Your relation with the person.

Can make it a lot easier if you have sầu good communication with one another since you can ask them, or if cthua enough, see them often using the tiện ích, or other signs about which I’ll discuss further on in this article.

Now, let’s see the hows và the whats & the whatever you need in order khổng lồ know that someone has a Tinder profile!3. Tinder gives you the option to lớn connect your liên hệ danh sách with your Tinder account – which allows you to lớn bloông chồng someone you’d like to lớn avoid seeing on Tinder.

Settings, bloông xã contacts, give sầu permission lớn Tinder khổng lồ access your contacts, select people you wouldn’t like lớn see on Tinder.

Now in this case you can get a nhái Tinder number khổng lồ solve this problem if you know they (whoever they are) would do this in order khổng lồ avoid seeing you/you seeing them.

4. You can use Tinder và still be invisible.

Tinder has the option to turn off the “show me on Tinder” (which you’ll find on the settings). It allows you to chat with your matches, và the people you liked khổng lồ see you, but you will not be shown to other people, nor other people will be shown lớn you.


If they’re using this , then the only way to lớn know if they’re on Tinder is asking them, or seeing the ứng dụng on their phone.

What indicates that a person is active on Tinder?

Before you get khổng lồ know that they’re on Tinder it is important that you know what indicates that they’re active. Here’s what indicates that a person is active on Tinder:

Update of locationRecently active statusUpdate of profile (pictures, bio, anthem)

1. Update of Location

The miles/kilometers keep changing depending on where they change location from time to time. If inactive sầu on TInder, the location on the protệp tin doesn’t change because Tinder picks up your location only when active on Tinder.

If you’re not using Tinder, then your location on your profile won’t be updated.

2. Recently Active Status (green dot)


Even though all Tinder users can choose whether they want khổng lồ have the recently active status or not, if you see a green dot on their profile saying recently active sầu, it means they’ve sầu been active in the last 24 hours.

3. Update of profile

You notice they’ve sầu updated their protệp tin – they’ve changed something. It could be that they put a new/different bio from the last time you saw their protệp tin.

Or, a new protệp tin picture for which you know has been taken recently, or just compare it khổng lồ their social truyền thông, and you’ll notice dates on certain pictures if they’re the same (on the rest of social truyền thông, và Tinder).

Perhaps they even put a new anthem on their profile.

Who are you looking for? – Knowing someone’s on Tinder

We will see if they have sầu a Tinder protệp tin, but first I’ll have sầu lớn specify a few cases, since if I only explain only generally, you can miss a lot of things afterwards.

To be more clear: we will know more on how lớn find out if your spouse is on Tinder, but we will also know more on how to lớn find out if a person you like a lot is on Tinder.

These are two different cases, & we cannot put it into lớn one explanation. Hence you will find ways to know someone’s on Tinder for each case specifically.

Your partner – How khổng lồ tell your partner is on Tinder?

The questions for this part? “How can I see if my boyfriend/girlfrikết thúc is on Tinder?”, “How lớn find out if my husband/wife is on Tinder?”, etc.

If you have sầu an account on Tinder, swipe until you find them.If both of you have your Tinder accounts, see if they’re active or not.If you don’t have a Tinder trương mục, know through a friend,, ask them, or look at their Facebook protệp tin.

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I will be explaining each of them in detail. Some of these ways to lớn know your partner is on Tinder are cheap, some of them cost. Let’s find out together, shall we?

If you already have an account on Tinder

You can swipe left until you find their profile.

If you don’t find their protệp tin by yourself for whatever reason, a frikết thúc of yours that has Tinder can share your partner’s profile with you (of course if they find it).

1. You want to find the info ibé on their profile, it looks like this:


2. After you click/press/touch the info icon, you’re shown this view:


3. You want to lớn click/press/touch the Share ’s profile | See what a friend thinks. Which directs you lớn this place in which you decide where you want to lớn mô tả the protệp tin with your friend:


If both of you have your Tinder accounts but “stopped using them”

It drives you crazy – doubting what they told you.

If this is your case, it is pretty simple. You just login lớn your account & see their profile.

If you notice a different bio, a different picture that you know to lớn be more recent, or that green dot on their status activity, you know they’ve sầu been on Tinder.

On the other h& if you don’t see them on your matches list anymore, they either deleted their Tinder trương mục completely, or they unmatched you.

If you don’t have an tài khoản at all on Tinder – How to lớn know someone’s on Tinder, without an account?

So, not having a Tinder tài khoản is your case. That shouldn’t be much of a problem since you can find people on Tinder without signing up, or without joining Tinder.

How to know someone’s on Tinder without joining Tinder?

Ask your partner straightforwardly.Through cheaterbusters – costs $9.99.Find out through a frikết thúc – it’s miễn phí.Look at their facebook profile – also không tính phí.

The first method is plainly asking your partner whether they’re on Tinder or not – another không lấy phí way to lớn find out.

Romantic relationships are healthy when built upon trust, & genuine communication. I know it is easier said than done, but I’d highly suggest you take the courage và just ask them: “Are you on Tinder?”

If they tell you they’re not, and you still have doubt whether they told you the truth or not, you can try the other methods.

The second method is Cheaterbusters – it is not miễn phí, but it shows super super accurate results anywhere in the world, plus you don’t need an account khổng lồ find the person you’re looking for.

You just have sầu to lớn assume the name/nickname they used on their profile, you have sầu lớn write the age and the location where you think they last used Tinder, & you’re good to go!

The third method: figure out someone’s on Tinder is through a friendit’s không tính tiền, unless your frikết thúc asks you to lớn pay them.

It is possible through a friover or just someone you know that has a Tinder trương mục và has potential lớn see your partner when swiping. They get a screenshot, or send you the links lớn their profile.

Or let’s say you meet up, và you can go through profiles together & see if you can find your person on Tinder.

The fourth method: Consider looking at their Facebook profile – You cannot know that someone’s on Tinder through Facebook unless they’ve sầu got their Tinder tài khoản connected lớn their Facebook, and the Tinder phầm mềm is visible in their tài khoản (friends/public can see that they’ve got Tinder connected khổng lồ their Facebook).

Someone you liked a lot on Tinder – Are they still active?

How lớn know if someone uses Tinder? This is a bit of a complicated case. I’m talking about those who had good talks on Tinder, they liked the person a lot, perhaps exchanged socials, but still curious if they’re active sầu on Tinder.

If they stop using their Tinder, their location will stay just the same as it was, their pictures, bio, everything will stay still. However if they told you they deactivated, & these(the location, pictures, bio, anthem) are changing, they lied.

I mentioned what indicates that a person is active on Tinder earlier in the article.

Now, if you’re not seeing them on your matches anymore, it can mean two things:

They deleted their account.They unmatched you.

You can find out which is which through the three methods I mentioned above.

Or just anyone (i.e you’re curious)

Whatever your case is, you’re curious, và I’ll put this one as simply as possible:

If you have a Tinder account – keep swiping until you find them.If you don’t have a Tinder account – use Or the other methods mentioned above.

That’s about it, really.


Do what it takes until you feel no doubts, even if it is lớn let them go.

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