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It’s no secret that smartphones were once a great way to lớn stay in touch, and keep up with work on the go but now most people are just overwhelmed with notifications from apps. It’s no secret that notifications need to be managed. Apple is adding a new feature in iOS 12 where you can have notifications deliver quietly for an app. Gmail has a new feature for its điện thoại thông minh apps where you can change which emails you get notifications for. It’s called High Priority Notifications and you can enable them on a per-account basis if you have sầu multiple accounts configured.

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High Priority Notifications

Make sure you’ve got the lathử nghiệm version of Gmail on your phone.

xuất hiện the ứng dụng and tap the hamburger inhỏ at the top left. In the navigation drawer, scroll down & tap Settings. On the Settings screen, tap the tin nhắn tài khoản you want to lớn enable High Priority notifications for.


On the Account settings screen, tap Notifications under the Notification section. On the Notification screen, you will see four different options for how notifications are delivered.

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The ‘All new mail’ option is just that; you will get a notification for every single message that arrives in your inbox. The ‘Primary only’ option will only skết thúc you notifications for emails that are filtered to your Primary inbox if you have the tabbed interface enabled. Under this option is the High Priority Only option whereby you will get notifications for emails that are most important, as determined by Gmail. The None option will turn off notifications for new emails.


Since this is set on a per-trương mục basis, you can enable high priority notifications for one account, but not the other.

The feature is good but the only trouble is that Gmail decides which email is important. Gmail isn’t necessarily going khổng lồ incorrectly identify which email is important. It’s good at that, but you might want a notification for an email that Gmail doesn’t think is important such as a newsletter and you’ll have to mark the message as important manually before you start getting notifications for it.

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To make an tin nhắn as important, you have to lớn move sầu it to lớn the primary inbox (if enabled). If you don’t have the Gmail tabbed interface enabled, you can tap the star icon và you will start getting notifications for it.

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