How to find archived emails in gmail: 3 methods

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Select the All Mail label lớn see all mail, including what"s been archived.Select any message you want khổng lồ recover, and then select Move to lớn Inbox.In the Gmail ứng dụng, find và open the message, then tap the three-dot menu & select Move to lớn Inbox.

This article explains how lớn find archived emails in Gmail and move them back lớn your Inbox. Instructions apply to lớn Gmail in all web browsers and the Gmail di động ứng dụng.

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How to lớn Retrieve sầu Archived Emails in a Browser

Although archived messages are removed from your inbox, these messages are still stored in your Gmail trương mục và can be retrieved in a few steps. These messages also remain indexed & appear when you search for Gmail messages. You can view emails while they"re archived, but if you plan to continue the conversation, move the messages in the conversation lớn the Inbox.


Select the emails you want lớn return khổng lồ the Inbox. The emails that are in the Inbox are labeled Inbox in front of the subject line.



A confirmation appears that verifies the emails have sầu been moved khổng lồ the Inbox. Select Undo khổng lồ reverse the process.

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Retrieve sầu Archived Emails Using the mobile App

Here"s how to lớn move sầu archived messages baông xã to your Inbox using the Smartphone Gmail app:


Tips to Avoid Accidental Archiving

It can be easy khổng lồ archive sầu a message accidentally. Avoid this by taking the following precautions:

On a điện thoại thông minh or tablet, take your time when scrolling through messages và don"t make any sudden swiping motions from right to left.The archive sầu swipe motion can be changed in the app settings. Go lớn General settings > Swipe actions.

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