Marketing automation tip: gmail's new unsubscribe link

Use our unsubscribe link & get the danh mục of recipients who opted out to your newsletters. YAMM will record this information directly in the tracking tool.

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When people click on the unsubscribe links from your email, our tracker records this information on your spreadsheet. You can then remove those email addresses from your liên hệ các mục lớn stop emailing them.

Activate the unsubscribe feature

1.Create your template and add the unsubscribe link

To add an unsubscribe links, insert the exact following link at the end of your template:

You can customize the message, as long as it contains this liên kết.

For example, add something lượt thích Cliông xã here khổng lồ unsubscribe, as indicatedinthis draft below.


2. Activate the tracker & send your mail merge

You must nowenable the tracker before sending your mail merge.


Then click Send emails.

Side note about the unsubscribe feature status

If you have sầu correctly inserted the unsubscribe links in your Gmail draft & activated the tracker, you"ll seeEnabledon the advanced features panel + Alias, filters, personalized attachments...

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If you forget to lớn activate the tracker, we will warn you about it.


How can my recipients unsubscribe to my emails?

Once your recipients receive your email, they only need to lớn cliông chồng on your unsubscribe links.

They will be redirected khổng lồ the web phầm mềm, with the confirmation message Unsubscription was successful.


Manage your danh mục of subscriptions easily

Each unsubscribed email from your gmail chiến dịch will be automatically added to your menu of unsubscriptions. You can also manually add other recipients (or remove sầu some) in the danh sách.

Clichồng the button below to manage your unsubscribe list:

Manage unsubscriptions


On your spreadsheet, our tracker will also record in real-time all the unsubscriptions under the Merge statuscolumn.


For your next mail merges, if you forgot lớn remove the unsubscriptions from your contact menu, YAMM will warn you about this.

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If you click OK and choose to skip unsubscriptions from your chiến dịch, we will add a 0 next to them so that you don"t email them again.


Why should I insert an unsubscribe link?

warning Yet Another Mail Merge is not an Thư điện tử Service Provider (ESP) per se. It is an add-on that sends emails via your Google trương mục. So it is your responsibility to lớn add an unsubscribe links to your emails when needed. As a reminder, this is mandatory for newsletters. If your recipients are not able to lớn opt-out from your danh sách because you didn"t add this link, then your tin nhắn might be flagged as spam. Learn more: "What is spam? How is your gmail marked as spam?"

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