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You might be doing a CC or BBC while sending various emails. More often than not, you would also attach your tin nhắn ID in the CC or BCC field, as per the requirement. Now you could do the same using a handy Gmail extension. Even if you don’t sover a carbon copy of the mail to yourself but there exists another user (your trùm or HR) who has to lớn receive sầu the same, then this extension is equally useable in these scenargame ios. Let us now have a look at the steps on how khổng lồ automatically CC or BCC any user in Gmail.

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Automatically CC or BCC any user in Gmail

Before starting the guide on how lớn automatically CC or BCC any user in Gmail, it is quite important to lớn get acquainted with the terms CC và BCC. CC stands for Carbon Copy whereas BCC is an acronym of Blind Carbon Copy. Suppose you CC a mail lớn 3 peoples, then all these 3 people will know that the other two have received the tin nhắn. All three users could also see the email ID of everyone mentioned in the CC field. To learn how you can forward multiple emails in Gmail, take a look at our tutorial.

However, if you use the BCC field, then each of the three users would have sầu no clue that the other two have sầu also received this mail. Likewise, they wouldn’t be able lớn see each other’s Gmail address. Say you wish to lớn communicate a message lớn three of your clients và let your boss know about the same as well. So in that case, you may enter the client’s gmail ID in the CC field and boss’ email address into lớn the BCC.

Now that both the terms are clear, let us have a look at how to lớn automatically CC or BCC any user in Gmail.

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Installing the Gmail Extension


Download the Aukhổng lồ BCC for Gmail from the Chrome Extension store. Since it deals with the compose mail section, it requires permission khổng lồ read & edit your Gmail data. Only install the extension if you are willing to accept these requests. Apart from the above extension, you may also have a look at some other useful Gmail extensions & add-ons.

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Cliông chồng on the auto-bcc ibé next khổng lồ the Send button.In the dialog box that opens, clichồng on Add new rule.
Now Automatic BCC Setup Box will open up. Configure it as given below. Follow exactly as mentioned below lớn avoid issues while automatically doing CC or BCC to any user in Gmail.In the “When emails are sent from” section, your current gmail address will be there. Leave it as it is.Just beneath that, click on “To only these recipients” và change it to lớn “Everyone but not to” option.
Under the “Then automatically” section, select BCC or CC as per your need.Finally, enter the recipient’s email address. The recipient here will be the person who will automatically receive sầu a BCC/CC of all the emails in Gmail that you are about to lớn skết thúc from now on.Once done, just clichồng on the Save sầu Rule button.

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That’s it. These were the rules to automatically CC or BCC any user in Gmail. When you no longer need lớn use this extension, make sure to revoke its access from your Google trương mục. And if you face any error, while setting up this extension, vì chưng let us know in the comments section below.

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