How to save my gmail to a hard drive/computer

Nowadays, everyone is comfortable using Gmail for tin nhắn communication because it provides a lot of storage space & many other services. But there are some individuals who want to save sầu all their Gmail emails from their account inlớn their PCs or hard drive. It can be for a backup purpose or due to lớn the full storage on their Gmail trương mục. Therefore, in this article, you can see the various methods khổng lồ backup Gmail emails khổng lồ external hard drive sầu with all attachments. You can go through all the methods for doing so và complete your task. Taking a backup of Gmail emails is a good move because you don’t know the future. You might thua thảm your emails due khổng lồ password mismatching or Gmail Account hacking.

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Methods to lớn Create a Backup of All Gmail Emails lớn the External Hard Drive

Here, you can see the various methods for downloading all your Gmail emails with attachments into lớn the hard drive sầu. There are 3 different manual methods for doing so và if you find that the manual methods are quite difficult then you can try the professional software in the kết thúc.

Use to lớn Save sầu Thư điện tử Backup from Gmail as PDF on External Hard Drive

mở cửa the Gmail account và log in through your User I.D. và Password.mở cửa the Gmail Thư điện tử that you want lớn save on your hard drive.Then, on the top-right corner, you will see the Print All button, click on it.After clicking on the Print All icon, a popup window will appear in front of you.Now, you must customize the settings as per your needs & then cliông xã on Print.The Save sầu As window will appear.Choose PDF in the Save sầu As Type option & then click on the Save Button.Once you have sầu saved the tin nhắn on your PC, you can Copy và Paste it in your external hard drive sầu.

Backup Gmail Emails to External hard Drive through Google Takeout

mở cửa Gmail & login to your Gmail Account.The Click on Manage Your Data Option và select Personalization.Cliông xã on the Download option và it is available down on the thực đơn.Now, clichồng on Deselect & then select Mail by scrolling down.Then Click on the All Mail Data Option.Now, a popup window will appear in front of you where you will have to deselect Include All Messages in the Mail option.Then cliông chồng on the OK button.In the Popup window, you must click on Send Download Link via Mail option from the Dropdown thực đơn.Now choose the file format in which you have sầu to lớn tải về the email.Finally clichồng on Create Archive and you will receive a confirmation that the Archive sầu has been created.Once you have sầu saved the gmail, you can move it to lớn the external hard drive.Backup Gmail Emails via MS OutlookLaunch MS Outlook and log in.Cliông xã on the Settings Gear button and then from the dropdown thực đơn cliông xã on the View All Outlook Settings option.Then Click on Gmail and select Sync Email option.A popup window will appear in which you have khổng lồ type the display name.Then click on the Connect your Google Account option.Now create a new folder for the emails where all the Gmail Emails will be imported and then click on the OK button.Choose the Gmail Account from where you are importing all the emails to MS Outlook.Enter the credentials of your Gmail Account & then click on the Next Button.If you are asked for authentication then cliông xã on Allow & cthua trận the Setting Windows.

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Once you have sầu imported all the Gmail emails to Outlook, you can save them on your PC in the form of a PST file. Then you can move the PST file into your external hard drive sầu và the backup of Gmail emails will be created.

All the above manual methods are enough to lớn Backup Gmail Emails khổng lồ External Hard Drive. But if in case you find that all the above methods are complex và difficult then you must use a professional tool known as the Aryson Gmail Backup Tool. This tool is professionally designed lớn create a backup of all Gmail emails whether in a hard drive sầu or PC. You can kiểm tra out the steps for backing up the Gmail emails with attachments into the hard drive sầu through the Gmail backup tool.

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Backup Gmail Emails through Aryson Gmail Backup ToolDownload & Launch the Gmail Backup Tool on your PC.Enter the Credentials of your Gmail Account & log in.Choose the File Format as PDF and Browse the Location khổng lồ your External Hard Drive sầu.Make sure that your External Hard Drive is connected with the PC.You can have the backup of your Gmail Emails, Calendar, Contacts, Drive sầu on your hard disk through this tool.Click on the Next button và the backup process will start.Once the process is finished, you will receive sầu a confirmation message.Benefits of Using a Professional ToolIt is fast và easy khổng lồ use.There is no chance of data loss ad it saves a lot of time of the user.There is no need for any technical expertise lớn backup all the emails from Gmail lớn a Hard Drive sầu.The backup process is simple & quiông chồng.Conclusion

Well, the ball is in your court & you have sầu khổng lồ decide whether to lớn choose the manual method or a professional tool for creating a backup of all Gmail Emails into a hard drive. If you are having good hands-on Gmail settings then you must try the manual method for taking the backup otherwise use the professional tool. It is easy khổng lồ operate và can be used in the long run.

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