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Hey all - our kinh doanh team have sầu requested a no reply email address lớn be used for their newsletters they send out to customers via Campaign Monitor. I thought the best way to lớn vày this is to lớn create the noreply address as a group (that way we don't have sầu khổng lồ cài đặt 2FA for a user account) & then configure a reject message within the Gsuite routing section. I applied this on the domain cấp độ OU but it's not working và messages lớn the address are going through. What am I doing wrong here & is there a better way of doing this? Cheers all.

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yourdomain" as the from address in the newsletter. The actual trương mục need not exist. If you're concerned about baông chồng scatter just add donotreply
yourdomain alias lớn a zero member group. If you phối the group khổng lồ not archive sầu messages they will just disappear.

But doesn't that mean I wouldn't be able to lớn mix a reject message? We don't want the messages lớn just disappear, we just want people lớn use the correct channels for tư vấn or enquiries. So ideally we want a reject message khổng lồ let customers know A) not khổng lồ reply to lớn this address & B) khổng lồ tell them if they need support, this in whatever marketing tool you are using & don't phối up an account there. anyone sending mail lớn that address will get a bouncebachồng message.

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But as with the guy above sầu that said the same thing, that really isn't helpful lớn our customers though. That way you just get annoyed customers who potentially think something is wrong with the system if they receieve a generic bouncebachồng tin nhắn. We want to setup a custom reject message to let them know the noreply address isn't monitored and to lớn tell them where they can actually go if they need tư vấn or queries answering. gmail but don't want lớn receive the emails, just skết thúc them manually from a web server for example this worked for me:

Make a phầm mềm password (if you have sầu 2FA on) in your Google account

Go inkhổng lồ your email settings for your main account and add it as an tài khoản (not-alias) option ticked.

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Enter the verification code that you "own" that gmail address

Go baông xã khổng lồ your Google admin & remove sầu the alias from your user

Presto! It should work


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