Messages are double spaced for the recipient

I must have hit some magic keystroke. Suddenly using the most recent copies of Gmail, Chrome, with those 7/8, etc. I"m getting double-spacing in Gmail for the Unreads & Everything Else. Until today it was always single-spaced (I used to have sầu perhaps 15 items under everything else, now only eight or so fit).

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Is there a cure? What was the cause, anyway?

Also, is there a "switch" that would hide the read messages?



I"m getting double-spacing in Gmail for the Unreads

Cliông chồng Settings

Select Compact


Is there a "switch" that would hide the read messages?

One option is khổng lồ Archive your read messages.

What I find easier is lớn configure your Inbox khổng lồ have Unread messages listed first:

Cliông xã on the popdown arrow at the right of your Inbox

Select Unread First.


Now your inbox messages are in two expandable groups

UnreadEverything else


Expanding Unread shows only Unread messages (the Read messages are hidden in Everything else).

Seems something is wrong with your formatting either in your browser or computer. Have sầu you tried reinstalling chrome? This was a highly-occurring issue in past versions. Other users also found that switching the display view khổng lồ "compact" via settings solved the issue. (Ran out of links, its on

You should be able lớn use Shift + Enter to manually do single-spaced lines. You can also switch lớn plain text mode in the bottom right corner of the message composer.

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By switch to lớn hide read messages, you can click the triangle next to lớn the select all button khổng lồ have sầu options lớn select categories of messages. Read & unread are included. It"s up to you what you do with them from there :)


One out of two is not a bad average! Switching khổng lồ "compact" is even better than what I reGọi single-spacing to lớn be. However switching back and forth between read/unread Doesn't vị what I want it to lớn. Switching back và forth selects the desired messages but leaves the other messages still visible. Let's say that I have sầu 100 messages, và have sầu read every other message. What I want to lớn be able to do is to lớn piông chồng the read messages (say)& have only the 50 messages that are read (or unread) be displayed. The others are "invisible" –greenber Jul 18 "15 at 0:18
You want it to not show messages after you read them by default? Like an auto-move sầu lớn a folder? –krich Jul 18 "15 at 0:29
That would work, but would be sub-optimal: I would thua thảm any context. Preferably I would prefer to simply have sầu a hide/unhide button. But in auto-move sầu lớn a thư mục would work – but it needs a better name! –greenber Jul 18 "15 at 0:38
You might be able lớn use the 'Smartlabels' Google Lab function, & add custom filters for it khổng lồ use. Or, you could create 'Read' và 'Unread' categories or labels, & switch between the two. –krich Jul 18 "15 at 0:47

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