Need to urgently access a blocked file

Gmail is a great email service but it does have sầu a tendency khổng lồ bloông chồng access khổng lồ a long danh mục of attachments that it deems a security risk; even if they do not contain any viruses at all. You see, Gmail actually blocks files based on their tệp tin extension regardless of whether the file actually contains a vi khuẩn or not.

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This type of preventing of access to lớn tin nhắn attachments within the popular tin nhắn service extends khổng lồ RAR archives (and other file archives) if they happen to lớn contain files they deem as unsafe (so Gmail clearly scans the contains of tệp tin archive containers).

The warning that Gmail gives out is usually:

"Anti-vi khuẩn warning - 1 attachment contains a virut or blocked file. Downloading this attachment is disabled."


There are many file types that are blocked by mặc định by Gmail. These include EXE, SYS, CMD, CHM, WSH, VBS, VXD, MST, PIF, LNK and many others. They have sầu a danh mục of them here. Whether they"re found inside a file archive sầu container or attached separately, you won"t be able khổng lồ download them.

How to access the file attachments despite the blocking

The Gmail website interface blocks both the tải về option và the Save sầu to Drive sầu option too. Even in the Basic HTML old Gmail interface downloading of attachments is only acceptable on ones that are part of their safe các mục.

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One way around this is lớn use an gmail client. A package lượt thích Outlook or Thunderbirdwould vày just fine. Apple Mail on the Mac OS too. These would let you properly configure the POPhường. tin nhắn và SMTP tin nhắn settings in order to lớn be able to connect lớn the Gmail servers and tải về the old tin nhắn. Presumably the assumption made is that anyone using their own gmail client (a bit quaint for personal users these days with so many webmail clients available) is tech savvy enough to virus scan incoming tin nhắn. Probably a fair assumption too.

The Gmail phầm mềm for Androidis a little slicker and will both bloông xã suspect files and prsự kiện them from being saved in Google Drive sầu.


Under iOS for iPhone và ipad, currently the Gmail tiện ích still blocks youfrom downloading attachments not in the safe list, but doesn"t prevent the user from saving them lớn their Google Drive account. So anyone who uses Google Drive has a new way khổng lồ access the files there. Alternatively, the iZip appwill allow iOS users lớn download their Gmail email including all attachments and get around the blocking in the Gmail webmail client.

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The built-in gmail clients in Mac OS X will allow connection lớn Gmail servers and tải về of all emails including ones with potentially unsafe attachments.

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