Export gmail to pst without outlook using simple tips & tricks

“Before” discussing the step-by-step procedure khổng lồ export Gmail mailbox inlớn PST, let’s have some basic knowledge about PST.

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What is PST?

PST is a cài đặt of Microsoft Outlook that attains a Personal Storage Table. MS Outlook application is a desktop tin nhắn client. It is a component of Microsoft Office Suite. It is also known as Personal Information Manager because it helps maintain the calendar & contacts of users. Outlook also grants Search, Spam Filter, Rules, and several more remarkable characteristics that deliver the gmail facility apparent.

It collects all its data before-mentioned as meeting requests, appointments, contacts, distribution lists, tasks, notes, journals, and different thư mục items in PST format on the local machine. It has the advantage of downloading Gmail emails to PST và obtain the same in the Outlook environment. Also, PST accommodates various advantages:

Advantages of PST File Format

PST is a compact format. One can efficiently move the data from one system and imitate the same to the external storage device. Later, import PST lớn Microsoft Outlook & locate your data.

By implementing proper security, the PST file can effortlessly be saved from proscribed access.

Microsoft Outlook has two variants. One is for Windows, and another one for Mac OS X. Aside from this, PST can be proposed to lớn multiple Gmail/G Suite accounts using the GAMMO Tool provided by Google.

PST file can be introduced khổng lồ many cloud-based apps such as Yahoo, Zoho, Hot mail, Office 365, AOL, and likewise.

Manual Method khổng lồ Export Gmail Mailbox into PST

So, let us consider how manually Export Gmail Mailbox serves the export process. It is a direct method of exporting Gmail emails on PC but has some restrictions.

Download your Data page will be opened. Pick the Mail options in the Select Data khổng lồ Insert option.Succeed on the Next button & choose the tệp tin type as per your necessities, which you need lớn tải về Gmail emails in the File Type option. You can select ZIP or TGZ.Now, in the Performance Method option, you have lớn choose lớn Sover download via gmail prospect.You will get a links in your Inbox via an email from where you can tải về the Gmail emails.Click on the Create Archive sầu button. A new page will open; clichồng on the Download button lớn tải về all the Gmail emails in MBOX.

Now the Gmail emails are exported in MBOX format. After the backup of Gmail emails inkhổng lồ MBOX format, We suggest you convert the MOBX format to lớn PST file format. Using the Aryson MBOX Converter you can convert the MBOX files into lớn PST format.

Professional Method lớn Export Gmail Emails Data to PST File Format

The user can additionally use the direct method for exporting Gmail E-Mail inlớn the PST tệp tin format. By applying third-party application, users can effortlessly save Google account data.

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Aryson Gmail Backup Toolis one of the best software as it creates the complete backup file and repositories data without exerting much time. So let’s have sầu a look at the below-described step lớn Export Gmail Mailbox into lớn PST.

Step 1:Install & Run the Gmail Backup tool.


Step 2:Log in with the Gmail username và third ứng dụng password.


Step 3:Select the file/thư mục you want to export & cliông chồng on the Next button.


Step 4:From the dropdown box, choose PST format.


Step 5:Choose the Delete emails option & apply the date range filter according to lớn your needs.


Step 6:Allot the custom thư mục name lớn migrate with that folder name, & cliông chồng on theConvertoption.


Step 7:Here is the data (export Gmail mailbox into PST).

Here Are some features of the Professional method.

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Exports gmail from Gmail as PST tệp tin format of the MS Outlook Thư điện tử Client.It has highlighted more than 10+ file formats for accumulating the mailbox details of Gmail.Authorizes users khổng lồ keep Gmail mailbox data to lớn PST, MSG, EML, TXT, PDF, và different other formats.It is competent to download the data from Google Drive sầu, Docs, Calendar, Photos, Contacts, etc.Final Considerations

The users can effortlessly export Gmail Mailbox inkhổng lồ PST file format by executing the above sầu section’s methods. Both manual & automated techniques are explained in this blog. However, it is also proposed lớn opt for a quichồng và immediate solution(Aryson Gmail Backup Tool)to lớn eradicate all the data loss issues to export Gmail Emails to lớn Outlook.

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