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There are a different number of tin nhắn services available in the market. There are some that are better than the others. A user can choose khổng lồ transfer messages in a few simple steps lớn get better features & facilities. There are some approaches on how khổng lồ transfer emails from Hotmail to Gmail. Solutions to backup Hotmail Emails have sầu been mentioned in this post. There are four methods in total. One can choose the best option according to lớn the availability of time, efforts or budget. Read carefully to find all the relevant details.

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How khổng lồ Export Emails from Hotmail to lớn Gmail?

There are simple instructions to lớn transfer messages from one platkhung lớn another:

Method 1.Using Google In-built Service

First, log in khổng lồ the Gmail page và cliông chồng on the gear inhỏ from the top-right hand corner.Then, cliông xã on the Settings button.
After that navigate lớn Account and Import và select Import Mail and Contacts. This will help transfer Hotmail emails khổng lồ Gmail.
Now, a dialogue box will appear. From there, enter the Hotmail email address.
Now you will encounter a screen asking to lớn confirm the other tài khoản credentials. Press Continue khổng lồ move to lớn the next platform.Now you need to lớn type in the appropriate password and clichồng on the Continue button.
After that, kiểm tra all the options that need to lớn move sầu Hotmail khổng lồ Gmail. Then, cliông xã on the Start Import category. There is a facility to select from contacts, emails, and import new mail for the next 30 days data.

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Now, wait for the transfer process lớn complete. It may take a while lớn import all the information. It depends on the data being moved.

Method 2. Forward Hotmail Emails khổng lồ Gmail

This will directly move sầu Hotmail Thư điện tử to the new platform. was formerly known as Emails can be directly sent khổng lồ Gmail ID with the help of Mail Forwarding for the trương mục. Also, setting up the mailbox provides a feasibility khổng lồ transfer old data as well as the new emails. Here are the instructions khổng lồ persize the export.

First, log in to the account.Then, click on the Gear ibé to lớn open a menu of suggestions. Here you need to lớn select options khổng lồ transfer emails from Hotmail to lớn Gmail.After that, navigate to lớn the Email Forwarding facility under Managing Your Account section.From the next dialog box, choose the option lớn ‘Forward your mail to lớn another account’.Then, type in the gmail address inkhổng lồ the box provided.Then, go bachồng khổng lồ the Options page. In these options, you need to lớn select the Connect devices and apps with POP under Managing Your Account. This will help export Hotmail emails to Gmail.From the following screen, choose the Enable option và click on the Save button.Then, log in lớn Google tài khoản and cliông chồng on the Gear inhỏ in the top-right corner. Then, select Settings.Afterward, click on the Forwarding và POP/IMAP và choose the Add a POP3 Mail account you own section.Then, enter the gmail address và all the necessary information. Type in the username and password. Also, you can choose lớn ‘Leave sầu a copy of messages on the server’ before moving data lớn a new tài khoản.Then, click on the Add Account button.

Method 3. Transfer Emails from Hotmail lớn Gmail Using Outlook

First, Run MS Outlook and configure the account on the desktop client.Now, once all the emails are loaded inlớn the application. Configure the Gmail mailbox in the same way.Then, use drag and drop option & move sầu Hotmail folders to lớn the Gmail Inbox thư mục.

Expert Tool to lớn Transfer Emails from Hotmail to lớn Gmail

There are professionals who look for workarounds than using any unreliable manual method. These are svào applications that can work efficiently and guarantee no data loss. There is a third-buổi tiệc ngọt tool i.e Hotmail Backup Software to make the entire conversion task simple và secure. It can convert Hotmail tài khoản data lớn PST, MSG, và EML format. The application is compatible with all versions of Windows 10/8.1/8/7 or XP. earlier ones. Import the resultant file inkhổng lồ the supported email client and move sầu emails khổng lồ the Gmail tài khoản.

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There are a number of times emails need to lớn be transferred from one portal lớn another. A user may change their email clients và switch to lớn a new service as per choice. Lots of people have sầu moved from to lớn Gmail in order lớn get the benefit of cloud storage. So, All the necessary information on how to lớn transfer emails from Hotmail lớn Gmail has been mentioned in this post. These are simple techniques that can be performed by any technical or non-technical user. There is even an appropriate third-tiệc nhỏ tool discussed which can be used instead. This is an efficient, reliable và user-friendly hàng hóa.

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