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Outlook 2013 offers customizable rules that help automatically manage your gmail, such as moving a message, flagging it, forwarding it or assigning a category. Using a forwarding rule, you could forward a copy of incoming emails khổng lồ your Gmail account for a backup or to lớn keep another person in the loop. If you don"t specify checking criteria, Outlook applies the forwarding rule to all emails you receive.

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Clichồng "File" và select "Manage Rules & Alerts."

Click "New Rule" from the "Email Rules" tab.

Click "Apply Rule on Messages I Receive" from the "Start From a Blank Rule" section and cliông xã "Next."

Leave sầu all check boxes unchecked and clichồng "Next." Clichồng "Yes" if you receive sầu a warning that the rule will be applied to all incoming emails.

Cheông chồng "Forward It khổng lồ People or Public Group" from the top section.

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Cliông xã "People or Public Group" in the bottom section, enter your Gmail address in the "To" field, clichồng "OK" và select "Next." If the appropriate Gmail address is listed in the top tương tác box, cliông chồng the address & then "To" to automatically fill the address.

Leave the danh sách of exceptions unchecked khổng lồ forward all emails and clichồng "Next."

Enter a name for the rule in the top field, check "Turn on This Rule" and select "Finish." Optionally, check "Run This Rule Now on Messages Already in "Inbox"" to lớn forward existing messages.

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The information in this article applies to lớn Microsoft Outlook 2013. Procedures may vary with other email programs or different Outlook versions.
If you use a server-based trương mục, such as an Microsoft Exchange Server account, the forwarding rule is applied at the server cấp độ which means the rule continues to run even after you cthua kém Outlook. By default, these server rules will not forward emails outside of the organization.
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