Tinder hack lets you see who has liked you

Though Tinder Gold has many benefits like unlimited likes and the ability lớn match with people all over the world, it’s still hard to justify spending $30 a month on it.

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Thankfully, if all you really want from the premium subscription is the ability to lớn see who’s already liked you, TikTok user sexysquash has discovered a genius workaround.

In a now-viral Clip of the “genius” haông chồng, sexysquash demonstrates how you can see the blurred photos of the people who have sầu already liked you.


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Once you’re logged in lớn your trương mục on the desktop ứng dụng, head to the Gold membership section of your trương mục. Here, you’ll find all of the accounts that have sầu swiped right on you — though without a membership, their photos will be blurred.

To remove sầu the blur from an image, right-clichồng on it & cliông xã “inspect.” When you vì chưng this, a box of code should appear on your screen. Ignore this coding, & cliông chồng “inspect” again.

Another box of code should appear, this time with the word “blur” in it. Remove the word “blur” from the code, press enter và according lớn sexysquash, you should be able to see any image you want.

In the comments, some people revealed that they tried the Tinder hack with success.

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“It worked for me but there’s still a layer of bluriness,” one person said.

“HOLY S*** WAIT IT WORKED,” another user commented.

However, other users clayên that since the Clip was uploaded, Tinder has updated their coding to prevent this hachồng from working.

“It doesn’t say blur anywhere,” one person said.

“This doesn’t work anymore. They patched ,” another user noted.

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If you’re curious whether this triông xã actually works, there’s only one way lớn find out: Give it a go! Worse comes khổng lồ worst, the haông chồng doesn’t work, và you continue swiping lượt thích normal.

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