How to remove boxbe waiting list from outlook

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Boxbe can be very troubling as it tends to lớn bring all the emails from other categories lớn the primary tab.

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Boxbe access to lớn Gmail can be removed by clicking on the image or name initial on the top right corner of your Gmail tài khoản. (Existing E-mail account) 

Go to lớn My Account,Sign in & Security,Scroll down until when you reach apps with access to accountClichồng on manage phầm mềm andClick on remove access.

Please refer khổng lồ the below videos for disabling Boxbe from your existing E-mail accounts. We vì chưng not fix the bugs & issues for the Boxbe application however we can integrate your existing professional E-mail account with our authorized Google G-Suite và Microsoft Office 365 partners.

Boxbe is an integrated tin nhắn helper service that improves your e-mail experience & productivity. Among muốn other things Boxbe prioritizes your e-mail, reduces e-mail overload & provides a VIP.. auto-answering service.

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