Migrate data from pst files

Are you searching for a simple solution khổng lồ import PST files inkhổng lồ Gmail account? If the answer is yes then, certainly you are on the right solution page. Here, we are going khổng lồ introduce you with some eminent ways to lớn import Outlook PST file into lớn Gmail or G Suite tài khoản quickly & seamlessly. So, let’s start with a brief overview of PST và Gmail.

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Short Note On PST và Gmail Account

For PST to lớn Gmail migration, it is important khổng lồ know about the Outlook data tệp tin và why users need to lớn import PST contacts, emails, calendars into personal Gmail account.

Know About Outlook PST File

In computing, Personal Storage Table (PST) is a proprietary data tệp tin of Microsoft Outlook used khổng lồ store the copies of emails, calendar events, and other items. Majorly, it is of two types – ANSI và UNICODE PST. Most commonly, the PST files are utilized khổng lồ store archived data items while OST files maintain the offline availability. On the other h&, Outlook data tệp tin i.e., PST is importable in nature.

Quiông chồng Glance on Gmail Account

Gmail is a không tính phí webmail developed by Google that provides users with a gigabyte of storage space. With the help of Gmail mailbox, users can also access Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google contacts, Google Sites and much more. Moreover, being a online mail ứng dụng, it is easy khổng lồ access the messages at any time on any device. This is the reason user wants to lớn export PST lớn Google Gmail miễn phí trương mục.

What’s More – Gmail is a powerful email service while comparing it with Microsoft Outlook. It is so because Gmail offers the universal availability of the database with limitless space khổng lồ save the data và it incorporates low-hassle add-ons. Due to lớn all these reasons, Outlook users may want to import their PST files into Gmail trương mục. Now, the question is how khổng lồ import PST inkhổng lồ Gmail? To get the answer lớn this query, kiểm tra out the below section of this article and migrate Outlook emails, contacts, and calendar in Gmail không tính phí trương mục.


Techniques to Migrate Outlook PST File inkhổng lồ Gmail

Well, we can perform this PST lớn Gmail Import task by two different ways;

Method 1: Import Outlook khổng lồ Gmail Via. GSMMO Utility

Method 2: Migrate Outlook PST File to lớn Gmail Via.PST to G Suite Migration Software

Make sure you follow the instructions carefully toavoid any kind of data loss. Both the workarounds are described in detailed manner.

#1. Use GSMMO Technique to Import PST inkhổng lồ Gmail

G Suite Migration for Microsoft Outlook or GSMMO (Previously known as GAMMO) is a miễn phí tool provided by Google to lớn migrate & open Outlook .pst files in Gmail or G Suite user account. It can import messages, contacts and calendar entries from Outlook data file (.pst) to lớn desired Google Apps or Gmail tài khoản.

Note:Microsoft Outlook installation must be installed into the system. Otherwise this tool shows the following error và cannot work.


Now, in order to use this G Suite Migration for Microsoft Outlook to lớn export .pst khổng lồ Gmail / G Suite, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Full Guide for PST to lớn Gmail Migration Via. GSMMO Tool

Step 1. First, download & install the G Suite Migration for Microsoft Outlook tool on your computer from its official website as shown in the screenshot.


Step 2. Then, launch GSMMO application.


Step 3:Afterward, enter your Gmail account ID và hit theContinue button.


Step 4. Select the Gmail trương mục in which you want khổng lồ import the PST tệp tin.


Step 5. Now, clichồng on Allow lớn grant the permission to the tool for migration


Step 6.

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Highlight ‘From PST file..’ option & choose the PST tệp tin to lớn which you want to lớn transfer. Click onNextbutton.


Step 7. After this, you can customize the migration procedure according khổng lồ your need and clichồng on the Migrate button. Here, you select Outlook gmail Messages, Contacts, và Calendar for the export task.


Step 8. The tool will display a complete ongoing progress on the screen.


Step 8. Once the migration process gets completed successfully, a message will pop-up. Clichồng OK


To verify the above sầu process, open your Gmail account và kiểm tra if all the PST items are imported.


#2.Import PST inkhổng lồ Gmail Without Outlook Via. Smart Utility

As the manual technique to export PST into lớn Gmail requires MS Outlook installation khổng lồ perkhung the task và there are several other limitations of it. Thus, we recommover users khổng lồ take help from an incredible application i.e., Outlook to lớn G Suite Migration Tool. It can import emails, contacts, contacts group, calendars from Outlook PST lớn Gmail không lấy phí trương mục and Google Apps tài khoản. It is capable enough to lớn export the multiple PST file into Gmail tài khoản even in the absence of Microsoft Outlook application.

Moreover, one can move .pst files into lớn multiple Gmail accounts in one shot without any error. With this utility, user can copy every information of Outlook messages such as FROM , TO , DATE , SUBJECT , MAIL TEXT into lớn Google Mail tài khoản. Besides this, the emails of INBOX , JUNK E-MAIL , OUTBOX , DELETED ITEMS , DRAFTS , RSS FEEDS transferred into desired G Suite or Gmail tài khoản. All in all, it is a one sure-shot solution that can perkhung Outlook to lớn Gmail or G Suite migration so easily.

Also, the software allows to persize selective data migration to G Suite as it provides the Date Filter option. The best thing about this software is that it supports to lớn migrate PST files of Outlook năm 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and all below versions. Apart from this,You can easily install its kiểm tra version here before purchasing it and can follow the below steps.

Download Free Outlook lớn G Suite Migrator

Steps khổng lồ Upload PST File to Gmail Account

Step 1: Download và launch Outlook to lớn G Suite Migration Tool.

Step 2:You need toAdd PST tệp tin Via. Add File(s) , Add Folder(s), & Add CSV option.


Step 3: Enterthe credentials of your Gmail trương mục và validate it.


Step 3: Select appropriate Categories: Mail, Contacts, Calendars.Plus, you can opt for date filter for selective ,pst tệp tin data migration to Gmail as per the requirement.


Step 4: Successfully Import PST file inkhổng lồ desired personal Gmail account.

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Finally!! Transfer Outlook PST lớn Gmail Free Account

How to lớn import PST inkhổng lồ Gmail without Outlook is one of the most comtháng question asked by several users. In the above sầu article, we have sầu discussed some methods khổng lồ exeđáng yêu this task in a hassle-không lấy phí manner. Now, individuals can piông xã any solution as per their preferences và available time.

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