How to change the page size in gmail

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The Gmail layout is fluid, which means it changes its width according lớn the window kích cỡ of the browser. Check our keyboard shortcuts in this article for quick ways to lớn adjust the form size and make it exactly how you need it lớn be. 

The following user-reported issues are quite similar in nature:

Gmail margins too wide – Adjusting the window using this guide should fix this.

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Gmail inbox too wide – Perhaps opening Gmail, going to lớn Settings, & changing your Density & Reading Pane options will vị the triông xã.

How vị I correct the Gmail window if it’s the wrong size?

Gmail window is too wide or large


Hold the CTRL key on the keyboardWhile holding the CTRL key, tap the – key located next lớn + & the Backspace keys on your keyboard.Tap repeatedly until the window reduces to lớn a form size you are comfortable with.

Gmail window is too small

Hold the CTRL key on the keyboardWhile holding the CTRL bolting, tap the + key located next to lớn – and the Backspace keys.Tap repeatedly until the window enlarges lớn your required kích cỡ.

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Please note that you can vị this using the mouse with a scroll wheel. You will need khổng lồ scroll either up (to increase the Gmail window size) or down (decrease your Gmail size).

Gmail is not loading at all in Chrome? Don’t worry – this simple guide is very helpful

How vì I make Gmail full screen?

Viewing Gmail in full screen may make it easier khổng lồ read /write emails. Here is how to lớn enable full-screen mode:

Log in lớn your Gmail.

How To Disable Gmail’s Full Screen

Simply tap F11 again lớn restore Gmail’s standard screen.

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These steps work in any browser as they are Gmail specific and you should notice changes immediately.

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