Add an image into your gmail signature

For beautiful email signatures all you need is the right intent & the message that carries it across. Google Drive gives you the tools to lớn bring your signatures to lớn Gmail without any bother.

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An email signature can be more than a goodbye salute. Do it well and your recipients will pause for a second before they skết thúc it on its way to lớn the trash. Do it creatively và the signature could be a memorable gem in a cluttered inbox.

Just lượt thích beautiful business cards, gmail signatures can help kickstart a conversation, attract a mentor, or help you raise money for charity. Thư điện tử signatures are the simplest communication devices, but they are also the most ignored part of emails.

Isn"t that a tragedy when a meaningful personal signature is so easy lớn create? There are always gmail signature tools like WiseStamp, the most popular signature service around. But to lớn give the Gmail signature a dash và stroke of your personality, Gmail và Google Drive sầu give you everything to unleash an original signature on your contact menu.

Gmail Signatures
The basic rules of clear gmail signatures apply. With our limited attention spans, curb the information to lớn what"s relevant.

In brief:

Keep it simple. Be aware of your professional needs. If representing the company you work for, check the rules. Make it small in form size — too big and it adds lớn the tải về kích thước. Use text for important contact details, so these can be easily copied & pasted elsewhere. Ensure the signature looks nice even if an image doesn"t load or is blocked.

The Tools – Google Drive & Gmail

For everyday use, combining Gmail & Google Drive has a lot of productive sầu merits. Hosting your signature files in one place instead of depending on a third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ plugin is one thing less to lớn tinker with. My kiến thiết canvas is the often ignored Google Drawings. With this diagram app, you can keep your work within Google Drive sầu.

Google Drawings
The alternative is lớn create the signature image file in any other graphic editor & then upload it lớn Google Drive.

Google Docs is also useful when you need khổng lồ copy-paste symbols to lớn Drawings (Google Docs > Insert > Special Characters) and use them instead of images khổng lồ construct your signatures.

Set Up Google Drive

1. Log in khổng lồ your Google Drive sầu tài khoản

2. To organize your signatures, create a thư mục. Give sầu it a relevant name lượt thích "Thư điện tử Signatures". This thư mục can be the container for all your signature files.

Google Drive sầu for Signatures

Gmail signature folder
4. Upload your images lớn the folder. The images will inherit Public visibility from your thư mục permissions.

Set Up Your Signature In Gmail

mở cửa Gmail. Cliông xã on the Gear icon và choose Settings. Go lớn the General tab then scroll lớn Signatures. Paste the image URL directly or insert an image from the "Thư điện tử Signatures" Google Drive thư mục. Fine-tune your signature with necessary text information. Scroll down to the bottom và save your settings Test the signature by sending an email lớn another of your accounts or a friover.

7 Creative sầu Ways khổng lồ Use Gmail Signatures

While tin nhắn signatures should be concise and not too flashy, notoàn thân is telling you they need to lớn be boring. With a bit of creative flair you can make eye-catching signatures that contain essential tương tác information. Here are a few ideas for using the combination of Gmail & Google Drive.

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1. Point to lớn Your Social Media Presence

An gmail signature is a subtle way to lớn take your conversations out of the inbox itself. Inserting social truyền thông hyperlinks is easy but displaying social truyền thông icons is a better magnet. The basic process is simple:

Resize them to the desired kích thước và upload them as .PNG or .JPEG files. Upload the image files to the "E-Mail Signature" thư mục you mix up initially. Go to Gmail, click the Gear icon then Settings > General > Signature. Use the signature editor to format the name & any other detail in text. Cliông xã Insert Image. Browse khổng lồ the "Thư điện tử Signature" folder and select each image. Align them. Clichồng the Link ibé to lớn insert links khổng lồ your social accounts. Save sầu your changes & thử nghiệm your signature. lưu ý of caution: You should think twice about including social media links if these do not align with your professional goals.

Gmail is limited by the few fonts it carries. One of the ways to expvà your choices is lớn use Google Fonts via Google Drawings. Handwriting fonts mimic the look of a casual signature, and there are a good range of handwriten fonts to lớn choose from in Google"s font repository.

Follow the steps to lớn create a PNG graphic of your "handwritten signature" and you can embellish the signature with any other graphic or a branding image you want.

3. Quote an Industry Stat

The idea here is lớn quote a development or a rising trkết thúc in your industry. Maybe, the stat or the fact will help lớn incentivize an offer you are making in the tin nhắn. With the help of the Shape tools in Google Drawings, you can create quick swappable "statistical" signatures every week.

The information graphic can be linked to lớn your company trang web or a page that talks more about it. You can also include a đoạn phim testimonial via a YouTube Thumbnail insert.

4. Advertise an Event

Have an sự kiện coming up? Maybe, you are celebrating ten years at work, or maybe it"s an event organised by your company. An interesting signature image can pull in the eyeball và spur someone khổng lồ clichồng on the hyperlinks to lớn find out more about it. The above simple signature has an image file created with Google Drawings and regular text formatted with the options in the Signature box.

You can also use a service lượt thích Cliông chồng khổng lồ Tweet to generate a trackable Twitter liên kết.

5. Support a Pet Cause

Supporting a creative project lượt thích an art exhibition could be a nice way lớn use your tin nhắn signature. The tried and tested "Don"t print this email" message is great, but it is as old as the Redwood now. You can start thinking about LGBT rights, promoting New Zealand"s national flag, or universal flu vaccination. The world is your stage.

Using email signatures for personal development is an offbeat idea — I reCall this wonderful story of how Mauricio Estrella used a password to change his life. A humble tin nhắn signature may not have that power, but can it positively affect our daily lives? I can"t say for sure because I have just started using it. The relentless reaffirmation is what makes me think it can work. So, let"s try it out with a goal you have sầu set for yourself.

Design an email signature around this and use it as a public pledge. It can be a signature customized for your personal emails if you wish to lớn steer it clear of the work tài khoản. My public pledge is to lớn write 1000 words a day – come what may!

7. Stay Humorous

Why not brighten up someone"s day by signing off with a positively humorous quote? I like to go for quotes that make you laugh and think at the same time. The idea is lớn not only grab a millisecond of attention, but also use the humorous signature as a memory trigger.

Nothing works better than a remarkable quote. Try interesting (read – funny) factoids. You can borrow liberally from Reddit.

More Ideas…

As a short message wrapped in pretty fonts and graphics, a signature can be anything you want it lớn be. The impact comes from its staccato repetition in everyone"s inbox. Here are few more potential ideas:

Share a point of view. Announce your marriage. Say you are searching for something. Spread the word about a name change. Appeal for fundraising contributions. Use it lớn drive sầu traffic to lớn your blog. Tease a new sản phẩm or offer.

You Can Be Memorable with a Signature

Contrary to lớn opinion, you don"t need to be an artist to lớn create a beautiful gmail signature. All you need is the right intent & the message that carries it across. Google Drive sầu gives you all the space to add images & photos khổng lồ your signatures. But a signature needs khổng lồ be subtle & sharp.

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The tools are here – the creativity has khổng lồ be yours. So, go down to the comments & tell us if you have considered using Google Drive lớn kiến thiết your signatures.

If you can"t be bothered, however, you can also use an email signature generator to lớn vày the job for you.

Have sầu you gone fancy with your signature? Tell us how. Or vị you still prefer the old-fashioned ASCII approach?

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