How to print multiple emails from gmail the easy way

Knowing how lớn print multiple emails from Gmail can often save sầu you a great deal of time. If you have sầu a number of emails you need khổng lồ print out then it takes a long time lớn bởi if you have to access and print each individually. While Gmail groups gmail together in folders using different labels, you cannot open each together. There is no way to lớn how to print multiple emails from Gmail. However, it can be done outside of Gmail. That’s what we will show you below.When emails are opened individually, they can only be printed individually – or so you may think. Gmail offers no method by which you can print a selection of emails – even a selection of two! However, it does allow you lớn attach labels lớn your emails. This enables you to lớn distinguish one mix of emails from another. The techniques below utilize that capability khổng lồ achieve sầu what Google should be doing itself – namely to print out the content of all emails with the same label.In fact, that is not the case. There are several ways khổng lồ tag & print multiple emails at the one time. Here are the most popular ways of printing multiple emails in Gmail.

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Table of Contents1. How lớn Print Multiple Emails from Gmail1.1. Using Microsoft Outlook2. How khổng lồ Print Multiple Emails in Gmail Without Outlook2.1. Using Google Drive2.2. Using Google Sheets2.3. Print Multiple Emails in Gmail Using the Print All Chrome Add-on

How to lớn Print Multiple Emails from Gmail

It could be very difficult for you to lớn how to print multiple emails from Gmail. That is because there is no direct way of selecting all the messages và then printing them all of them at once with just a single clichồng. You would have sầu to lớn open up all the messages & print them all out individually. This might not be so easy if you are working with many Gmail messages at once. However, it is possible khổng lồ print multiple Gmail messages in one go. That’s what we shall show you here.Here are four different ways of printing multiple emails in Gmail. They may involve sầu you downloading certain apps, although they are all không lấy phí và safe lớn use. We have tested each of them & the procedures described below vì work lớn enable you khổng lồ print multiple emails in Gmail.

Using Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is easily downloaded & activated. It can work with Apple devices but not as well as with Windows. Here is how khổng lồ print multiple emails in Gmail using Microsoft Outlook.First sign into in your Gmail trương mục, then clichồng the gear inhỏ (normally at top right). Cliông xã on ‘Settings’ then cliông xã on ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’. You will get the following page:Click the button labeled “Enable POPhường for all mail” as shown then “Save changes.”
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Now open Outlook. Cliông chồng on ‘File’ and then on ‘Add Account’. Create an account using the instructions provided & then click on ‘Next’. Outlook should then be connected to your Gmail account – clichồng ‘Finish.’Now click on a folder or label. Clichồng on any message & then press Ctrl-A which will select all messages in your label or folder. Now Right-Clichồng và choose Print. This will launch the printer window from which you can select your preferred options. Select your options and then cliông xã Print again. Job Done!

How lớn Print Multiple Emails in Gmail Without Outlook

There are other ways how to print multiple emails in Gmail without using Outlook. Outlook does not come in the Microsoft Windows 10 package and has khổng lồ be purchased. The next three methods are the most popular and easy ways how to lớn print multiple emails in Gmail without using Outlook.

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Using Google Drive

Google Drive comes không lấy phí with loads of storage. You can convert selected emails in Gmail into lớn PDF files. First, tải về an add-on that saves the selected emails as PDF files. Select the emails you want lớn print, và give sầu them all the same label.Use the add-on that converts your emails inkhổng lồ properly formatted PDF files & saves them on your Google Drive sầu. Once that has been done, an easy way khổng lồ print them is to use Google Cloud Print. Another way is to lớn tải về your PDF files to lớn your desktop, và then print them on your regular printer.

Using Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a không tính phí spreadsheet phầm mềm that comes with Google drive. From your Google Drive sầu dashboard, clichồng on the red NEW button & select ‘Google Sheets.’
Now go khổng lồ a spreadsheet & open the menu within that spreadsheet và choose File -> New Spreadsheet. You now have a new spreadsheet to lớn use. Then go to Gmail. Select any of the emails or tin nhắn threads you want lớn print, và then apply a label khổng lồ each, such as ‘to print’:

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When you cliông xã on ‘Create Rule’ the emails should have been saved lớn the appropriate Google drives folder. Now go to Google Drive & right cliông chồng on the ‘Gmail Files’ thư mục. Cliông xã ‘Download’ & that will save all your tin nhắn files to lớn be printed lớn your desktop. These emails can now be sent to your printer using Ctrl+Phường (or Cmd+P if you have sầu a Mac).

Print Multiple Emails in Gmail Using the Print All Chrome Add-on

The Gmail Print All Chrome add-on enables you khổng lồ select multiple emails. You can then create a Google doc, or print khổng lồ PDF. You can print multiple emails with one click & even save sầu them as a pdf document. You can also store them in the cloud, your USB drive sầu or cốt truyện with others. Here’s how:Access the Google Chrome web store và find the Gmail All for Chrome add-on. Install that. It is fundamentally a script that enables you khổng lồ create a Gmail label on Chrome & assign that label to lớn multiple selected emails.Once you have sầu launched the app, you will get a new tab asking you khổng lồ authorize the tiện ích to lớn access your Google account data. Once you have done that, you must select the label attached to lớn the emails you want to lớn print – or save as a PDF file. Here’s how you vị that:Go khổng lồ your Gmail Inbox & select the messages you want lớn print. Now create a new label (e.g. ‘ Print All as in the image above’) and assign it khổng lồ the selected messages. Now clichồng the Print to lớn Drive button as displayed above sầu.That clichồng will create a document in Google Drive. This document will contain the content of your messages. Every separate thread will be given its own page, organized according khổng lồ the date, the number of messages in the thread and with the subject of the tin nhắn at the top.Find ‘File Option’ on the page and cliông xã that lớn find options: Print the File or Save sầu as PDF.

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Your choice! If you cliông chồng khổng lồ save sầu as a PDF tệp tin, it will be stored on your desktop. You will then be able to print the PDF files later if you wish.Printing multiple emails is nothing new, although you bởi vì need to use the correct apps or techniques khổng lồ achieve it. You would think that the Gmail service would offer a service whereby you simply cliông chồng the emails you want khổng lồ be printed together & that would be it! But whenever did Google make things as simple as that?
The above sầu four methods of how to lớn print multiple emails in Gmail are all you should need. Once you have tried them you will find they are not as difficult lớn use as you may think they are.

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