Delete photo in gmail/google profile without uploading another?

In Gmail, you can mix a profile picture. Everyone else who uses Gmail will see this pholớn when they receive sầu an tin nhắn from you.

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When you phối a protệp tin picture, Google will use it in all of their products, including Google Meet, Google Docs.

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How to Add a Gmail Profile Picture in Google

Instead of telling you khổng lồ cliông chồng through a bunch of link to find where you can phối this, I"m just going to lớn give you a liên kết lớn it. Here it is: Google"s My Account About Me page.

This is what the page looks like:

Google"s About Me page. You can change a lot of other important things here as well, including important privacy settings.

Note that the process of adding a new protệp tin picture và changing your existing picture is exactly the same. Here"s how lớn bởi this.

First, cliông xã on the circle with the camera ibé in it.

Google Personal Info panel, with an editable protệp tin picture button

Then you can upload a new picture or choose one from your Google Images thư mục.

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Google"s pholớn upload interface

Once you"ve chosen an image, you can tweak it before confirming. The image has lớn be a perfect square, but Google gives you a tool to lớn reposition or zoom in & out.

Google"s profile picture editing interface

Presto. You have now updated your profile photo lớn.

How khổng lồ Remove your Profile Photo from Google

You can"t technically remove your profile photo lớn – only update it.

But here is a 400 by 400 pixel White square that you can right cliông chồng & save sầu to your hard drive sầu.

You can right cliông chồng this square. (It"s white và you may not be able to lớn see it, but it is there.) Save sầu it lớn your hard drive sầu, then upload this to lớn Google khổng lồ replace your unwanted profile image.

Then you can go to Google"s My Account page & upload the image to lớn serve sầu as your new image.

Now your protệp tin image appear completely blank.

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I hope this tutorial has been helpful

Now you can put your best foot forward in Gmail with a cool protệp tin picture. (Or no protệp tin picture at all if you are concerned about your privacy.) That was easy, wasn"t it.

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