How to view images in gmail

Select the Settings gear, go to See all settings > General, then scroll down khổng lồ the Images section.Choose Always display external images orAsk before displaying external images, then select Save changes.

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This article explains how to lớn always display images in Gmail messages. Instructions apply khổng lồ the website version of Gmail in any browser.

Have Gmail Display Remote Images for Safe Senders Automatically

To make Gmail show remote images & display them automatically in emails from senders deemed trustworthy:



In the General tab, go lớn the Images section and select Always display external images toenable external images in all messages, regardless of the sender.

To display images on a per-message basis, selectAsk before displaying external images. Remote images show automatically in messages from senders you manually approve sầu.



Why Can't I See My Gmail Images?

When you open an email that contains images, those images may not display until you authorize Gmail to show those images. If the senders of those messages are in your Gmail safe senders danh mục, Gmail displays the images automatically. You can have Gmail show images in those emails và be protected from malware và privacy infringement.

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Will My Computer and Privacy Still Be Safe With Automatic Image Loading in Gmail?

Remote images in emails can be used for tracking, so they could potentially reveal your approximate location and install malware. These are reasons not lớn enable automatic downloading of images in arbitrary emails.

Gmail has several safety measures lớn protect you from these risks even when automatic downloading is turned on:

Gmail scans all messages for potential threats to privacy & data. If an gmail is from a source that is not trustworthy, or if Gmail suspects malicious intent, remote nội dung is not loaded.The images in emails from reputable senders are not downloaded from the sender"s VPS to your computer. Instead, Gmail inserts itself as an image proxy. It requests the image, saves it, then shows its copy khổng lồ you. All the sender learns is that Gmail downloaded the image.Senders cannot use images to mix cookies in your browser or determine your location. They can know you opened a message, though, when an image quality lớn your tin nhắn is downloaded by Gmail.

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These security measures only protect your data and privacy if you use Gmail in a browser. Email programs that connect to lớn Gmail using IMAP or POPhường have privacy settings for remote images, though, and you will still benefit from Gmail scanning for malware.

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