How to migrate yahoo mail folders to gmail

In this blog, we are going to provide a trustworthy solution to export Yahoo Mail to lớn Gmail tài khoản. It is a quiông xã và hassle-miễn phí solution for users lớn transfer emails from Yahoo Mail to Gmail along with Yahoo folders. With this solution, users can directly migrate Yahoo khổng lồ Gmail without any hassle. Here, users will get a comprehensive solution to lớn move Yahoo gmail messages to Gmail account. If you are also searching for any solution khổng lồ switch from Yahoo Mail lớn Gmail account, then you need to go through the entire article. Here, you will get to know how lớn backup Yahoo Mails to Gmail without any hassle.

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Recently, there is a big downfall of users in Yahoo Mail usage. This may create a trouble for Yahoo to lớn keep its remaining users. There may be happened due to large number of Ads và the loading time of emails. Now, after the upgradation of Yahoo Mail layout interface it takes more loading time as compared khổng lồ its classic mode. Apart from it, there are several situations where users need to switch from Yahoo trương mục. Most of the users are looking lớn move emails from Yahoo Mail to lớn most popular gmail application i.e. Gmail trương mục.

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How khổng lồ Manually Import / Forward / Link / Add Yahoo Emails lớn Gmail Account?

In order khổng lồ forward emails from Yahoo Mail khổng lồ Gmail trương mục, you need to follow the simple manual procedure lớn convert Yahoo lớn Gmail.

Login to your Gmail Account in your PC.Now, clichồng Gear or Cog ibé from top-right corner và select Settings option.Now, select “Accounts and Import” option at the top menu.Choose “Import mail & contacts” liên kết under Import mail và contacts.


Now, enter your Yahoo email address (e.g. example and press Continue button.This open a Yahoo login page khổng lồ verify your Yahoo trương mục & press agree và khổng lồ import Yahoo tài khoản lớn Gmail.Now, cliông chồng on “Start Import” button khổng lồ forward Yahoo emails khổng lồ Gmail trương mục.Cliông xã on “OK” when the entire process completes.

In couple of moments, it adds all emails from Yahoo Mail lớn Gmail account. But in several situations, there are few limitations for users to import Yahoo gmail messages to Gmail trương mục. In certain case, these conditions will get fail lớn sync & move sầu all email folders from Yahoo Mail to lớn Gmail.

Note*: – Sometimes, it may also take upkhổng lồ 2 Days to lớn Export your data depending on the size of Yahoo mailbox.

Some of the situations are given below: –

Lost Thư điện tử Messages or Folders of Yahoo Mail in Gmail tài khoản.Folder structure may get disturbed while moving emails from Yahoo to Gmail.Users need lớn perform one by one account lớn add Yahoo khổng lồ Gmail account.Time Consuming process to lớn transfer multiple emails from Yahoo to Gmail.

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Yahoo khổng lồ Gmail Migration Tool – Professional Solution to lớn Migrate Yahoo Mail to Gmail

Whenever users need to convert Yahoo khổng lồ Gmail tài khoản, then it is necessary to lớn choose a professional solution i.e. Yahoo to lớn Gmail migration tool. It is a trouble-không tính tiền solution for users to lớn migrate Yahoo lớn Gmail tài khoản khổng lồ move sầu Yahoo emails, contacts, custom folders, etc. lớn Gmail trương mục. This is an expert’s recommendation lớn transfer email folders from Yahoo to lớn Gmail by preserving entire data items. The tool provides a direct & straightforward solution to import Yahoo Mail to lớn Gmail account. Moreover, it also enables user lớn export unlimited Yahoo accounts khổng lồ Gmail without any limitations. It is an advance tool which allows user khổng lồ switch multiple Yahoo Mails to lớn Gmail trương mục.

Try Free Demo of Yahoo to Gmail Migration Tool.

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Step-by-Step Guide khổng lồ Switch from Yahoo to lớn Gmail Account

In order khổng lồ export Yahoo Mail lớn Gmail account, users need follow the simple instructions as given below: –

Download & run Yahoo to lớn Gmail Migration tool in your computer.


No, go khổng lồ 85+ Email Source List & choose Yahoo Mail There you need lớn put up your Yahoo login details & press Login button.


In few moments, the tool starts to sync Yahoo mail folders to the software panel.


Here, you need to Select your desired Yahoo gmail folder & set Gmail as your saving option.


Here, you need to enter Gmail login credentials to move sầu Yahoo Mail folders to Gmail trương mục.You can also use Advance Settings feature which allows you khổng lồ add multiple filters to lớn extract desired emails from Yahoo Mail account khổng lồ Gmail. Users can adjust filters by using Date Range, To, From, Subject, etc. to lớn export Yahoo gmail trương mục to lớn Google account.


Hit a Backup button khổng lồ perkhung Yahoo to lớn Gmail migration process.


In couple of moments, the entire data move sầu Yahoo mailbox folders khổng lồ Gmail. After the conversion of data, tool also provides a log tệp tin lớn show entire data.

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Users Seeking for Their Solution to lớn Backup Yahoo Mail khổng lồ Gmail

There are several queries searched by users where they need to lớn change Yahoo emails to lớn Gmail trương mục. And all their queries are easily resolved by using this Yahoo to Gmail migration tool without any hassle.

Should I switch from Yahoo to lớn Gmail?How lớn Transfer Yahoo Emails lớn Gmail Account?What is the best way khổng lồ backup Yahoo Mail khổng lồ Gmail?How lớn Import Yahoo Mail folders khổng lồ Gmail?


In this blog, we have provided one of the trustworthy solution lớn change Yahoo mails khổng lồ Gmail tài khoản. With the use of Yahoo khổng lồ Gmail conversion tool, users can directly migrate from Yahoo lớn Gmail along with gmail, contacts, folders, and much more.

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It is a simple and a trouble-không tính phí solution for users to transfer emails from Yahoo to Gmail without losing any data. This enables user to lớn effortlessly take backup from Yahoo email account khổng lồ Gmail. The tool is also available in a FREE Demo edition to lớn try the tool. In its miễn phí trial edition, users are capable to lớn export Yahoo emails khổng lồ Gmail tài khoản.

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