Is amitree's folio the best gmail extension for real estate?


Folio is an tin nhắn extension TMS (transaction management software). There is a Folio for Outlook and Gmail. It works within your gmail tocreate and monitor transactions. It also comes with a Folio tiện ích for Chrome. It is built by Amitree, who also creates similar tools for mortgage lenders, lawyers, và title companies. Best of all, it includes a miễn phí version for upkhổng lồ three transactions.

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Amitree was founded in 2013 & is headquartered in San Francisteo, CA.

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Best Features

Easy to lớn Use

Installing Folio is a cinch. Once done, it takes you through the entire process và is a very intuitive extension.

The kiến thiết is modern. The user interface is clean & pleasant. There is a lot to lớn lượt thích about how simple it is khổng lồ pichồng up and immediately start running with.

You’ll want lớn play with the templates a little, but it won’t take more than 5 minutes lớn go through the settings and get it how you want it. It’s not an intimidating software.

Parses Your Email

Being an email extension, the main thing it does is pull all your emails & tries khổng lồ figure out which transaction they belong khổng lồ, if any.

As such, it will recommend a new transaction almost any time an address comes through your tin nhắn. A buyer sends you a trang chủ they want khổng lồ see? “Do you want khổng lồ start a transaction?” Just decline except for the times when, indeed, it’s time for a new transaction!

Once you’ve sầu done so, it pulls all the emails related khổng lồ that transaction and keeps them in one folder in your Gmail, with the deadlines & due dates that you then quickly fill in. Those will be highly visible & accessible every time you open your tin nhắn.

Surprisingly Robust

It comes with quite a few features, including transaction templates which let you quickly fill in new dates and deadlines for a new transaction, tailored lớn your needs.You can đầu vào yourpreferred service providers into the system. You can giới thiệu the transaction with your clients or other vendors, as well as recommend vendors like conciergeutility services or push emails with USPS change of address instructions. You can swiftly và automatically organize all the attachments you get through your email as well.

It is not as powerful or customizable as other software, but for the price và how sleek the interface is, it comes with a very usable toolmix.


Biggest Pitfalls

Few Integrations

It does have a DocuSign integration. And … that’s about it.

If you are thinking that Folio will work as an easy transaction tracker in your Gmail while talking lớn your brokerage tools, CRMs, & more sophisticated transaction software management systems, think again.

There are no MLS integrations lượt thích what you will find with most other transaction software.

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Not Highly Customizable

While it is surprisingly robust, it still doesn’t have all the tools or customizability that you might find in some competitors. Team tools, commission tracking, dashboards, etc.

For example, currently, when creating a template, you can only phối deadlines & due dates based on the contract and closing dates. Other TMS tools will let you mix dates based on the option period, financing contingency, or even custom dates you can define.


Folio Pricing*

FREE for up to 3 transactions$29/mo for Pro$24/mo for TeamEnterprise PricingDiscounts for paying annually

There are really only two groups of features – the limited không lấy phí version và the Pro version. The không tính tiền version is limited to lớn just three transactions.

The Pro version starts at $19/mo paid annually, $29/mo paid monthly. The Pro version comes with organizing email attachments, timeline sharing with teams, and an automatically populated transaction danh mục.

The Team plan is $18/mo billed annually & $24/mo billed monthly. It is a minimum of 2 users và has the same features as the Pro version.

*This is current lớn the best of my knowledge at the time of this writing. Liên hệ the vendor directly lớn check current prices, discounts, and terms.


My Personal Recommendation

I installed Folio when I got my new real estate emailaddress because – why not? It is miễn phí to use.

And it’s actually a very solid tool. I know other agents agree because I hear them raving about it all the time.

Folio isn’t going lớn outcompete most of the other transaction management software options in terms of power, integrations, or features. But beware getting too much software. I’ve sầu made the mistake many times of trading usability for power. Folio is a simple system you can quickly integrate inkhổng lồ your business.

For that reason, I might recommend trying Folio first if you are on the fence about any particular TMS. See if it fits your needs. Do an entire transaction with it. If then you find you don’t lượt thích it, or you need more, then you can start looking for more complete and powerful software.

For the individual agent who needs a little help staying organized and an easy transaction tracker to lớn keep track of deadlines và deliverables, Folio is an excellent tool I strongly recommend.

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It is especially intriguing for anyone who wants to lớn build a business on Google’s suite of tools.

Use Folio if…

You are an individual agent or small team that just needs a little help organizing & tracking your transactionsYou know better than khổng lồ overcomplicate things with too much software, and just want something simple that will keep your transaction organized và deadlines top-of-mindYou are not a công nghệ fan và need something that is easy even for the tech-allergic agent

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