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Have you ever wanted to perkhung an action on a large number of Emails in your Gmail Inbox all at once?Learn how!

I was recently asked to lớn help someone using Gmail who wanted to lớn select thousands of Emails in their Inbox và move them lớn their Archive.

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In Gmail, you can only “Select” one screen of Emails at a time. And by default, Gmail only displays 25 “Conversations” on each screen as shown below:


Once you select your screen of Thư điện tử conversations, you can then perkhung “actions” on them, such as moving them to lớn your “Archive” (which is what this person wanted to do), “Deleting” them permanently, or “Moving” them to another folder.


But since they had thousands of Emails they wanted khổng lồ select in order lớn Archive sầu, this would have sầu taken a lot of time!

After a bit of research, I came up with two solutions that would allow them lớn select more than 25 Emails at once.

Increase the Default Page Size from 25 to 50 or even 100 Conversations

With a few quiông xã steps, you can increase the number of “Conversations” that are displayed in Gmail lớn 50 or either 100.

1) Select Gmail “Settings” (the “Gear” Icon in the upper right corner, then select “Settings”).


2) In the “General” tab, under “Maximum Page Size”, you will see that “25” is usually mix at the default number of visible conversations.

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5) Now, your Gmail Inbox will display up to 100 Thư điện tử Conversations per screen and you can “Select All” to select all 100 of them at once!

This is definitely a big improvement over the 25 Conversation limit, but for someone with thousands of Emails, this may still take a long time lớn work through screens of 100 Emails.

Luckily, I found a better (and even easier) solution!

Use the “Select All Conversations in Inbox” feature

1) Whenever you “Select All” theconversations in your Gmail Inbox, Gmail will display a message up in the top of the screen in blue text that says “Select all nn conversations in the Inbox”, as shown below:

2) “Click” on this xanh text & the message at the top of your Inbox will now say “All nn conversations in the Inbox are selected. Clear Selection”, as shown below:

3) Gmail has now selected ALL the Email Conversations in your Inbox, và you can now persize an action such as Archiving all of them with a single click!

4) If you change your mind after Selecting all of them, you can always just choose “Clear Selection” in xanh text at the top of your Inbox.So there you have sầu it - two ways to perkhung actions on a large number of Thư điện tử Conversations in your Inbox.

I hope you find this little tip helpful - I wasn’t even aware of this feature until I did a bit of research for this person!.

March 6th, 2020

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