How to insert hyperlinks in gmail android application?

Copy và pasting link inkhổng lồ gmail can look ugly, especially when the liên kết are really long. One way khổng lồ make things look a little nicer is by hyperlinking. Hyperlinking is a way to make clickable liên kết out of text & images. Fortunately, Gmail supports this và makes it super easy to add them. Here’s how to hyperlink in Gmail.

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You’ll have lớn use the desktop version of Gmail for this as the Smartphone Gmail app unfortunately does not tư vấn hyperlinking.

How lớn Hyperlink Text in Gmail

Step 1: Open in your web browser and compose a new email

Step 2: Add some text & highlight the part you want khổng lồ hyperlink


Step 3: Cliông xã the Insert links icon to lớn the right of the Send button


You can also hit Ctrl + K on your keyboard as a shortcut.

Step 4: Type or paste the URL you want lớn hyperlink to lớn in the URL box & the clichồng OK


The text you highlighted earlier should appear as xanh và underlined in the tin nhắn.

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How to Hyperliên kết an Image

Step 1: xuất hiện in your website browser and compose a new email

Step 2: Cliông chồng the Insert pholớn inhỏ to lớn the right of Send & select an image to lớn insert

You can also drag & drop an image from your computer.


Step 3: Highlight the image lượt thích you would when highlighting text và cliông chồng the Insert link icon at the right of send


Step 4: Cliông chồng the image and then cliông chồng Change in the tool bar that appears underneath it


Step 5: Type or paste the URL you want to hyperliên kết khổng lồ in the URL box và the click OK


The image you highlighted earlier should now be hyperlinked lớn the URL you provided above.

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Final Thoughts

Using hyperlinks in gmail is a good way lớn reduce their length & make them look more professional. Thankfully, Gmail makes it easy khổng lồ add them.

Inserting links into email is one thing, but have sầu you ever wanted to add a GIF to lớn an email?

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