Cách chèn liên kết vào ảnh khi soạn thảo gmail

If you use your Gmail account for sending deal-related emails lớn your customers, you can add hyperlinks in image in Gmail. This is a very efficient way lớn get more clicks for affiliate kinh doanh since people try khổng lồ open pictures included in the email toàn thân. Here is a simple triông chồng khổng lồ increase clicks và sales of your business. Before getting started, you should know that you can persize this on the website version of Gmail only. It is not possible to perkhung the same steps on a sản phẩm điện thoại ứng dụng.

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Add hyperlink in image in Gmail

To insert a hyperlink in an image in Gmail, carry out the following steps-Insert image in the emailSelect image and change the permalinkHere is the detailed guide you need khổng lồ follow.Log in lớn your Gmail trương mục và click the Compose button to write a new tin nhắn. In the tin nhắn body, you have sầu khổng lồ insert a picture. For that, click the Insert photo lớn button visible in the bottom menu bar.


You can upload an image from your personal computer, or you can insert an image from Google Photos, Google Drive, etc.

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Make sure Inline option is selected on the Insert pholớn window. If Add attachment option is selected, this tutorial will not work.After inserting the image, you can reform size it according to lớn your requirements.Then, you need to select the image. To vị that, cliông chồng outside of the image & hove your mouse over the image. This is the trickiest step, và you need to perform it carefully. In other words, you need khổng lồ select the picture lượt thích you choose text. After successfully selecting the picture, it should turn xanh, as shown in the screenshot.

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After that, clichồng the Insert links button visible in the bottom menu bar. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl+K và insert the web address or URL of any webpage in the “Web address” box.Do that, và cliông chồng the OK button khổng lồ finish the insertion.That’s it! Now your recipient can clichồng the image khổng lồ open the website page link you inserted.

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