Yesware for gmail jumpstart guide’s Gmail Chrome Extension helps you traông chồng emails, measure performance, and connect with more buyers. All from your inbox.

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Install khổng lồ Gmail in 1 minute is quiông xã to cài đặt in Gmail — just a few clicks & you’re ready to go. We even ranked #1 on G2 Crowd's “Ease of Implementation” Report. for Gmail is compatible with all G Suite accounts và accounts with the lakiểm tra version of Google’s Chrome browser.

New, intuitive tools’s intuitive features integrate into the Gmail workflow you already use.

See Activity, Templates, Campaigns và My Reports at the top of your inbox.

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Thư điện tử Tracking

E-Mail Tracking activity and reminders can be seen above every message and within your real-time Activity Feed.

Prospecting Campaigns

Schedule automated emails, manual emails, hotline touches, LinkedIn mails, or custom touches.

Email Templates

Easily insert Templates right into lớn your Gmail compose window lớn save time writing emails.

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Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration lets you automatically sync daily activity inlớn your CRM and create, edit or view Lead, Liên hệ, Account & Opportunity records without leaving Gmail.

“Without having experience with this type of software before, it was pretty intuitive sầu khổng lồ navigate and figure out… It’s very simple and implements great with Gmail, so it feels very organic in the mailbox.”

“Best Gmail tool… Easy to lớn schedule campaigns through Gmail. Doesn't look ‘mass’ since it’s coming from my inbox.”

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