How to delete, not archive, gmail messages on iphone

Select the gmail or emails that you want to remove sầu, then tap the trash can inhỏ at the top of the screen.

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Cliông chồng the trash can icon to lớn move the selected emails inlớn the Trash Folder.

You can also use the search bar and the Label function khổng lồ select emails for deletion. For example, if you type in label:unread, you’ll get a các mục of all your unread emails, which you can then delete in a couple of clicks.

You can enter pretty much any other label và filter the emails, such as the user, gmail contents, different folders, và many other criteria.

If you have sầu a lot of spam or promotional emails you can type the sender inlớn the tìm kiếm bar lớn narrow those down. Once filtered, you can continue to delete them all. It’s also a good idea lớn mark the unsubscribe option for each sender to lớn ensure they don’t fill your mailbox up again.

Remove sầu the Red Notification

For those who don’t want to lớn delete all of their emails, there’s another simple option. Thanks lớn Apple’s user-friendly interface, you can customize the way you receive sầu notifications. The red notification is actually called a ‘badge’. To remove sầu these badges, follow these steps:

mở cửa ‘Settings’ on your iPhoneScroll down và tap on ‘Notifications’
Toggle the badges option off so that it turns grey.

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Tap Select All in the upper left-h& corner.
A thực đơn will appear with the “Flag” và Mark as Read options – Tap Mark as Read.

Although this doesn’t delete your emails, it does remove the red notification.

The Final Word

Sadly, the iOS Gmail app is lacking some of the convenience features that users need. Mass deletion is definitely aý muốn the most important since it’s a problem that plagues many Gmail users.

Thankfully, the desktop version comes to lớn the rescue. As you could see, it’s very easy to lớn get rid of every mail one folder at a time.

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If you need more iPhone or Gmail tutorials, feel không lấy phí khổng lồ post your question in the comments section below. And if Google makes the mass delete feature available, we’ll let you know.

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