Ios: fix for gmail password incorrect error in mail app

điện thoại thông minh has made our life easy by offering many features. Now we vị not use phone just to lớn make calls và send và receive sầu messages but it also helps us in several other things. Now to lớn kiểm tra mail we vày not need lớn sit in front of computer, all these jobs such as checking mail, sending mail can be done using our smartphone. So we can vị all these things when we are on the go also. But if suddenly your Gmail does not work on your phone then it becomes very problematic because sometimes we need khổng lồ sover urgent mail.

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Some iPhone users are facing this same issue. In spite of entering the right username & password, it’s showing them incorrect password or username error. According to some iPhone users, they are getting a message “The password or username is incorrect” though they have sầu not made any change in Gmail tài khoản settings on their iPhone.

However, here I will discuss some steps khổng lồ fix this issue.

Steps to fix incorrect username or password error on Gmail on iPhone


Step 1: Whenever you are getting this error message on your iPhone, first of all cđại bại all the mail clients that are accessing this Gmail tài khoản. That means cthất bại your Gmail on computer if the account is open there & the Mail ứng dụng on your iPhone.

Step 2: Now you have sầu to open Safari on your iPhone & then go lớn this liên kết.

Step 3: Then full Gmail address needs khổng lồ be entered, then password. A picture will be shown khổng lồ you, type the characters of the picture in the given field. Verify your trương mục by touching the unlochồng button.

Step 4: Now launch the Mail tiện ích on your iPhone. Your Gmail access should now be restored.

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