Why are my iphone notes being emailed to me?

I just realized that some of the notes in my iPhone (i.e. in the standard "Notes" app) are emailed to me soon after I write them.

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There is no "to" address in the email so I can"t tell what address they"re being sent khổng lồ (I use different tin nhắn addresses for everything).

I may decide that this is a useful feature but khổng lồ be honest I"m a little creeped out by it. How does it know what gmail address lớn send it to? I"m assuming it"s the one associated with my furnituremaisak.com id but lượt thích I said I don"t know.

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How can I stop it (if I decide I want to), và what options are there for controlling this (& where are they?).

I don"t see any settings for this anywhere, in Settings or in the Notes app itself.

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asked Jan 28 "14 at 0:36

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iOS uses mail to store notes similar to other office type software.

You can disable that by going lớn settings and turning off notes for any mail account where you are being creeped out.

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answered Jan 28 "14 at 0:40

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Go to lớn Settings → Notes & change the default account lớn "On My iPhone". Your problem will be sorted out!

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