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1. 2 In transmitting urgent messages the king gained time by relaying at each town.

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2. The amazonian flow of colors, signals, urgent messages that had been besieging their brains since birth evaporated.

3. He returned lớn his post alone & continued to send out urgent telegraph messages khổng lồ stop the train.

4. Up lớn now, Mr scott has sent a great many requests for spare parts & other urgent messages from one garage khổng lồ the other.

5. Urgent message.

6. 18 Up lớn now, Mr scott has sent a great many requests for spare parts and other urgent messages from one garage lớn the other.

7. Urgent gather.

8. The messages can be audio messages or audio messages with furnituremaisak.comsual accompaniment.

9. Yeah, very urgent

10. What"s urgent is important or what"s important is urgent for you?

11. Flight Was Urgent!

12. Flight was urgent!


14. Yeah, very urgent.

15. It’s urgent, it’s important,

16. Was the matter urgent?

17. ls it marked urgent?

18. < URGENT > Cheông chồng intranet notice

19. Urgent urgent! Urethral & calculous? Holmium laser, operation is that one effect better?

20. Urgent urgent! Urethral và calculous? Holmium laser(, operation is that one effect better?

21. Mark the message "urgent", please.

22. This condition requires urgent treatment.

23. Urgent ophthalmongắn gọn xúc tích consultation is warranted.

24. Debug module (26) generates debug messages including address translation trace messages.

25. There are more urgent matters.

26. It"s under It"s very urgent.

27. You can print indifurnituremaisak.comdual messages or all messages inside a conversation.

28. First, the work is urgent.

29. We have an urgent thing.

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30. It"s urgent that we speak.

31. □ Why is such action urgent?

32. Urgent message from 1st Company!


34. Messages are stored in queues, & MQ servers allow you khổng lồ enqueue messages onto queues, và dequeue messages from them.

35. According to lớn an embodiment of the present invention, a method for receifurnituremaisak.comng urgent alarm contents through a broadcast system includes the steps of: receifurnituremaisak.comng a broadcast signal; parsing an urgent alarm table contained in the broadcast signal, the urgent alarm table containing an urgent alarm message và an urgent alarm contents transmission structure descriptor for signaling the information of the urgent alarm contents concerning the urgent alarm message, và the urgent alarm contents transmission structure descriptor containing the IP address of an IPhường datagram for transmitting the urgent alarm contents; receifurnituremaisak.comng the IPhường datagram of the IP address; & decoding the IP datagram so as to reproduce the urgent alarm contents.

36. Safety-related messages are transmitted when required as broadcast or as addressed messages.

37. 12 Communication channels deliver messages to lớn and receive messages from target buyers.

38. They broadcast an urgent storm warning.

39. Address book error messages

40. An urgent message for the police.

41. He said I wasn"t urgent enough.

42. The harbour walls need urgent reinforcement.

43. Captain, urgent news from the General!

44. Instead of social messages, the songs focused on more personal messages, such as love.

45. Method of profurnituremaisak.comding royalty-point serfurnituremaisak.comce for free messages depending on reception of advertising messages

46. There"s an urgent meeting in Hong Kong.

47. Some gmail profurnituremaisak.comders sover messages to Gmail addresses using TLS but can"t receive encrypted messages.

48. This is what was so urgent, Harrison?

49. I hate lớn interrupt, but it"s urgent.

50. "It is most urgent, sahib," he said.

51. Message List-kích hoạt Item Messages

52. No hokey mouse messages here.

53. Churchill telegraphed an urgent message to Wavell.

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54. Treat nettle rash how effectively! Be urgent!

55. I’ll also say that I think some of this is an “Urgent” versus “Important but not Urgent” scenario, using the timeless Steven Covey framework. Cutting short-term costs is usually urgent.

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