42% of people using dating app tinder already have a partner, claims report

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There"s an episode of "How I Met Your Mother" where Ted, one of the main characters, meets a girl online. She"s embarrassed by it, and instead tells a nhái story about how their "hands touched" in a cooking class, even though Ted assures her "there"s no stigma anymore."

Things don"t work out with Blahblah (the name future-Ted gives her since he can"t remember her name), và she tells Ted never to lớn chat with her on World of Warcraft again.

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The episode aired in 2007 and is an attempt to lớn say that even in the technology age, there are still embarrassing ways khổng lồ meet online (i.e. through role-playing games).

Fast-forward 12 years, và the stigma surrounding online dating is nearly extinct. According khổng lồ an Axtiện ích ios poll this year, over 1/2 of Americans who have used apps or sites for dating have sầu a positive sầu view of it.

But just because people are using dating apps more than ever now, doesn"t mean you won"t feel a tinge of shame because of it. For example, telling my parents how Julian & I met — on an ứng dụng largely attributed to lớn hooking up — was not something I wanted to lớn freely admit at first.

And naysayers still remain. According lớn the same Axgame ios poll, 65% of people who have sầu never used a dating app have a negative view about it.

But tides are changing. Another study from 2015 found that nearly 60% of Americans think online dating is a good way lớn meet people — up from 44% a decade earlier. This means the stigma associated with online dating is one trkết thúc unlikely to re-emerge — unlượt thích scrunchies and acid-washed jeans.


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When I first met Julian on Tinder, I was freshly out of a four-year relationship & wasn"t looking for something long-term. We went on three dates within one week before I left for a month of traveling abroad. I didn"t think I"d see hlặng again. I understood that it is hard khổng lồ keep someone interested while away for so long.

But during my trip, we FaceTimed và texted nearly every day. We made plans lớn go ice-skating the day I got baông chồng to lớn San Francisteo. So I deleted Tinder và said sayonara to the rest of the matches in my inbox. I figured I could give this guy a shot.

Tinder has gained a reputation since its launch in 2012 as the dating app designed for quiông xã hook-ups and a simple way lớn meet people with one swipe. But according lớn researchers in 2018, casual sex ranked No. 11 out of 13 when it came to lớn people"s motivations for using Tinder. Love sầu ranked significantly higher in the No. 4 spot. Women on Tinder are more likely lớn look for a match than men.

When people began online dating in the 1990s, the pop culture consensus was that it was for the "desperate" và the "socially inept" — I mean who would possibly turn khổng lồ the internet for refuge from the typical saw-you-from-across-the-room dating scene? And the opinion of online dating largely stayed that way until movies like "You"ve Got Mail" gained popularity.

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Today, you can"t escape movies, TV shows, podcasts, and books about online dating. It"s ever prevalent. And the more dating apps become crucial components of the lãng mạn lives of the characters we love on-screen, the less we as a culture think of them as a prescription for the romantically challenged. For instance, one in 10 Americans are signed up with an online dating service. We all can"t be "desperate," right?

To drive sầu the point home further, a Stanford study published this year found that nearly 40% of heterosexual couples in the US first met online. And for those who identify as LGBTQ, the percentage is higher.


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Though it is true that online dating is closely tied lớn younger generations, the number of older users is steadily growing. According khổng lồ a Pew Retìm kiếm study, online dating users aged 55 khổng lồ 64 doubled in the last few years — a spike attributed lớn this decade"s tech boom.

To accommodate the surge in older people seeking love online, apps lượt thích SilverSingles, OurTime, and Lumen were born. Sites lượt thích eHarmony và Match.com, too, have sầu long been known lớn host an older user base.

But whether or not 50-plus users have had more success than younger generations on dating apps is still murky.

Earlier this year I spoke with three older women, including my mom, about their experiences on dating apps. I learned that most found them to be exciting, but disappointing in the long run when they weren"t able to find the connection they anticipated. My mom told me as you age, the options for dating get slimmer, but at least an ứng dụng gives you options.

But don"t be dismayed. There are still success stories, as dating apps allow people the chance khổng lồ connect across miles — something that wasn"t remotely possible when baby boomers were younger.


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The first time I saw Julian, it was a picture & a profile with no bio. Luckily he was cute. In his photo lớn, he was holding a cup of blaông xã coffee & the style of his hair had me thinking he must have just woken up. I swiped right, & the connection was instant. Later that day he messaged me and asked me out without much texting baông xã và forth (which I liked). Our first date we drank margaritas & ate ceviđậy.

Six months ago, I laughed when Julian"s eyes teared up as he read his vows in that tiny courtroom in Salternative text Lake City. It feels silly, & cliđậy, to lớn thank a dating phầm mềm, let alone Tinder, for my husband — we both lived in the same thành phố for years, và our paths never crossed until they did virtually. But there are days when I vày.

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And I am not alone. Many couples who meet online are making marriages work, sometimes with greater success than those who met in more conventional ways. That isn"t lớn say your next saw-you-from-across-the-room moment isn"t around the corner. But maybe a dating app can help get you inkhổng lồ that room.

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