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Alumni communicationsE-Mail invitations to lớn alumni exhibitions, events, and programsAlumni e-Connection, a quarterly tin nhắn publication featuring news about what"s happening at and with other alumni.ALUMNI EMAIL ADDRESS

All alumni are eligible for an alumni address (i.e. johnsmith to mix up your trương mục. For alumni who graduated after 2011, your student gmail address, and all messages, drive sầu contents, & other google application data is seamlessly migrated khổng lồ your new address.

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To access your alumni gmail account simply log in at using your existing password & new alumni address. If you have forgotten your password, contact us at alumni


As an alum of, a number of resources are available khổng lồ you with your Alumni ID. Please note that the Alumni Pholớn ID is necessary for entrance lớn the campus. The Alumni ID is không tính phí of charge.

The Alumni Photo lớn ID provides access to:

The Campus

Need an Alumni Phokhổng lồ ID?We are currently working remotely, so we have a new process! Please gmail your request to lớn Alumni Relations with the following information:

Subject Heading: Alumni ID Badge request

Please include: 

Alumni requestor"s nameYour current mailing addressYour educational information (Grad Year, Degree, Major) và Colleague ID (if known)

We will then submit your request lớn the Public Safety Office. They will print out your Alumni ID Badge and then mail it to you.

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A number of library resources are available lớn alumni. For retìm kiếm databases inquiries, tương tác the library at library 

Loan privileges for library materials are listed below:

Books: 25 at a time for 3 weeks (2 renewals permitted)DVDs và VHS: 3 at a time for 3 days (1 renewal permitted)Periodicals: In library use onlyElectronic Databases: In library use onlyDISCOUNTED INSURANCE

Liberty Mutual has partnered with lớn offer you exclusive savings on quality auto & home page insurance.*

Call 855-948-6267 or visit Liberty Mutual to learn more or get a không tính tiền quote.

*Discounts & savings are available where state laws & regulations allow, and may vary by state. To the extent permitted by law, applicants are individually underwritten; not all applicants may qualify.



Massachusetts College of Art và Design Alumni Association has partnered with HotelStorm to bring exclusive hotel discounts khổng lồ our alumni.

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When you use HotelStorm, you’ll find savings of 10-55% over other online travel agencies. HotelStorm offers thousands of hotels worldwide, 24/7 concierge, and the best khách sạn prices. 

Visit HotelStorm và use the password furnituremaisak.comSAVE to lớn unlochồng our discounts. (Case sensitive)



Join the Alumni group discount by using the URL As an alumnus/a you can join for a discounted rate of $35..

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