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Well—it’s a matchup of heavyweights in the online dating world today! Match vs. Tinder. And based on the fact you’re with us here today, it’s clear that two of the most popular dating apps on the market have sầu made it to your final decision process.

And the good news for you is that we’re here khổng lồ help! Today, we’re going lớn finally settle the debate và let you know which option is better, Match or Tinder. If you’re ready, buckle up, grab a seat, & let’s dive right into lớn it.

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Cost Difference of Match vs. Tinder

In case you’re still on the fence and budget is important, we did want to lớn nói qua some updated information on the cost differences between these two dating apps. Tinder comes with a bit more for không tính phí, but lớn get the full benefits of each option, you will need lớn nâng cấp lớn a paid premium plan.

Match Cost

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Membership TypeMembership LengthMembership Cost
Standard Plan3 Months$31.99 per month
Standard Plan6 Months$22.99 per month
Standard Plan12 Months$18.99 per month
Premium Plan3 Months$34.99 per month
Premium Plan6 Months$24.99 per month
Premium Plan12 Months$19.99 per month

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PlanLengthMonthly CostTotal Cost
Platinum1 month$39.99$39.99
Platinum6 month$trăng tròn.00$119.99
Platinum12 month$12.50$149.99
Gold1 month$29.99$29.99
Gold6 months$15.00$89.99
Gold12 months$10.00$119.99
Plus1 month$9.99$9.99
Plus6 month$5.00$29.99
Plus12 month$3.33$39.99

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