How do i force merge contacts in google contacts?

In today’s world, smartphones have improved living standards & how people approach things & situations. Even though they have provided great functionality & usage to lớn people, we have all experienced the “headache” of having a ton of repeated entries in our address book.

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Duplicate contacts can appear for a number of reasons, but luckily enough there is an easy option to get rid of duplicate contacts:

1. mở cửa a browser và go khổng lồ Log in using the Google tài khoản, if you’re not already logged in.

2. In case you are logged in with the old version of Google Contacts, switch to the new version.


2. On the left hand sidevebar, clichồng on Duplicates.



3. If duplicate contacts are found, you can see them grouped within a box. Within the box of the contacts you want khổng lồ merge, clichồng on Merge.

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Finally, if you’re using this Gmail account on your điện thoại device, you’ll see the duplicates merged as your phone syncs with Gmail.

(Tip: Always have sầu a look at which contacts are about khổng lồ be merged)

Restore Contacts that you accidentally merged with “Undo” within Google Contacts :

In the sự kiện that you accidentally merge contacts that you didn’t intover to there’s no reason khổng lồ panic. Google provides an easy way khổng lồ unbởi these changes.

1. Within Google Contacts, tap on the gear icon on the top right corner.

2. Cliông xã on Unvị Changes.

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3. A dialog box will pop up, letting you restore your contact các mục to the state it was in at any point within the past 30 days. Choose on an option & clichồng on Confirm.


Tip: This is a great và super fast way to recover deleted contacts, unbởi vì an import, or unvị a merge!

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