Connecting godaddy email to your gmail interface

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This article will show how to lớn move your GoDaddy hosted websites"s gmail over lớn and existing Google"s G Suite thiết đặt. The assumption is that there is an existing GoDaddy hosting trương mục with the standard tin nhắn services phối up and that a G Suite tài khoản has been previously phối up with a primary domain name other than the one being moved. As an example I will be showing how I moved all email services for the domain.I"ve sầu also written another article on The right way khổng lồ migrate from Gmail to lớn G Suite gmail, which may be of interest.So lets see how I went about moving a GoDaddy hosted email address to G Suite.The domain being moved was first set up in the G Suite Admin Console. This was accessible under Domains > "Add/remove sầu domains".


My primary G Suite domain was và I didn"t want khổng lồ have sầu the new tên miền as an alias since I wanted khổng lồ be able to control its email addresses independently from the primary. So in the popup I selected "Add another domain" and entered the domain name name I was moving from GoDaddy khổng lồ G Suite i.e. "".

After this there were a few domain name ownership verification steps. The "Activate domain" links displayed all the available options for this, which I won"t cover here.


Setting up MX records on the domain was next. Since I used CloudFlare as my DNS host, I made my changes there. However, if you"re not sure where to lớn make this change, a good bet is in GoDaddy DNS Manager.
I took out all of the existing MXTXT records và added in the ones that Google uses (as listed here).
After a while the tên miền became Active in the G Suite Admin Console. It took a bit of time until this change was detected. It wasn"t possible to lớn move sầu onlớn the next steps until the domain was listed as Active.
At this point the domain was set up lớn receive tin nhắn but no users were created so no emails would actually arrive. In the Users part of the G Suite Admin Console I selected "Add user" & created a user with the same name as was set up on GoDaddy. I could have used a different name, but I wanted khổng lồ keep the tin nhắn address the same.
Now the user was set up & ready khổng lồ receive emails, but none of the existing emails were available yet.
The next step was lớn copy all of the existing emails from the GoDaddy servers over khổng lồ G Suite. This process was started in the "Data migration" part of the G Suite Admin Console. I wanted lớn migrate Emails, so that"s what I selected.

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The next step had some options on how G Suite would connect to lớn GoDaddy"s servers. The automatic option didn"t work for me, so I had khổng lồ find the hostname of the IMAP VPS that GoDaddy used. This could be found in the Email section of the GoDaddy cPanel by clicking "Configure Thư điện tử Client" in the dropdown options for the gmail address being migrated. I downloaded the "IMAPhường over SSL/TLS" configuration tệp tin for iOS to find out the IMAP server details.
So the IMAP server value based on the above sầu example values was "". I selected IMAP from the dropdown in G Suite, entered the IMAP VPS & the email address/password used on the GoDaddy side.
After clicking "Connect" the next screen showed that G Suite was able to connect successfully. I then entered the migration start date using a value well before when the original email address was first created khổng lồ make sure that all of the emails were copied over. I also selected to copy deleted & junk emails just in case.
The next step was a bit confusing because the migration screen showed "No migration in progress". Here I had khổng lồ select the G Suite user I created earlier (which is the same email as on GoDaddy originally) to actually start the migration.
A popup was shown that let me enter the gmail address being migrated from (the GoDaddy IMAP one phối up above) và the G Suite user that was going lớn receive all of the emails.
Eventually the migration status was changed lớn "Completed" and I could exit the migration. It was essential lớn Exit Migration to lớn continue, this sent a migration report that showed the number of copied emails, any errors encountered, etc.
At this point the gmail address from the old GoDaddy hệ thống was working on G Suite, it was able lớn send and receive emails và technically this was all that was required. The next step was not strictly necessary in normal cases, however since I was running PrestaShop và using the standard PHP mailto() functionality, GoDaddy"s servers had to be configured to route gmail via G Suite & instead of handling it locally. If I didn"t perform this step, any emails sent by PrestaShop lớn the tin nhắn address I migrated to lớn G Suite would still be handled by GoDaddy"s servers and hence would not show up in G Suite.To make this change, I went to lớn the "MX Records" section of the GoDaddy cPanel.
After selecting the tên miền I was moving emails on from the dropdown, I clicked on "Remote E-Mail Exchanger" and clicked "Change". I then added the top three Google"s MX servers from the previous steps and saved the configuration.
Now the migration was truely over.If you haven"t signed up yet, Google G Suite is definitely worth it. The first month is không lấy phí & then it"s only $5 per user và gives you 30Gb of storage space on the basic plan.-i

Although I put in a great effort inlớn researching all the topics I cover, mistakes can happen.If you spot something out of place, please bởi let me know.

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