How to change your google profile photo / icon

But it only changed below compose, next to lớn my green available dot and at the top left of each email I sover. My old avatar image is still used if I hover my name at the top of an email or if I hover over my new avatar image next khổng lồ my green available dot.

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Edit: I tried clearing my cache và I tried different browsers but neither works.



I had the same problem, I had to lớn go inlớn my tin nhắn contacts and delete all the entries for myself. After I did that, voila all fixed. To get to contacts, select the GMAIL button the on top left and a drop down will appear where you can select Contacts. Make sure và remove the liên hệ entries for yourself under "My Contacts" and "Other Contacts".


After searching high and low here is what worked for me:

Go lớn youtube.comClichồng on your avatar in the top right cornerCliông xã the photo lớn khổng lồ the left of your gmail addressCliông chồng the change pholớn linkSelect a pholớn from your computerClick mix as protệp tin photoHold down Ctrl và F5 & the same time (this should update the photo lớn khổng lồ the right of your gmail address)

You are done. You do not need to cliông xã the Upgrade button.

Go baông chồng lớn Gmail. Do a hard refresh (Ctrl+F5) và the correct photo lớn should be displayed.

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I solved this by doing the following:

Go to lớn your Gmail window. On the left there is a red "Gmail" & a triangle on its right. Clichồng on the triangle and select "Contacts". Then a new window/tab should pop up.In the new tab, find yourself on the tương tác các mục and cliông xã.cliông chồng on the profile picture inhỏ lớn set protệp tin photo lớn.choose the picture you want or upload a new one. Save.Go bachồng to lớn Gmail & try sending an email. Now your protệp tin picture should be updated

+6. I had lớn cliông chồng the "go lớn old version" on the left hvà side. My old contact was not showing in the new tin nhắn inbox contacts. When I went to the old version, I found three old contacts for myself. I deleted these & this resolved the issue.

The only thing that worked for me was khổng lồ go to lớn and delete the photos from there.

Once you delete the photos make sure you log out of your account, delete all the google cookies and then log back in. Try another browser if the old protệp tin pholớn is still there.

You can also try but apparently it does not allow deleting existing profile photos.

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Conversely, you can just update your own avatar image from the contact menu without deleting your own gmail address from the contacts list!

I searched và searched for an answer to this very question. Unfortunately, I always found the same answer, và my avatar never changed. But I finally found a way lớn change it. How does one vày this? After changing the avatar in the Settings, rethành viên to clear the browser cache! It"s a step so simple và obvious that no one even bothers to lớn mention it.

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You can only guess how silly I felt after doing this... especially since my responsibilities at work place me in the center of the software development team.

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