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Last updated on June 24th, 2021

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A lot of Mac users faced this issue when sending an tin nhắn in the Mail tiện ích on Mac. This problem will occur if the SMTP VPS is messed with the wrong accounts khổng lồ use different servers. It’s really made frustrating. But don’t worry about this. Here I will show you how to lớn fix this issue with simple solutions. Ok, let’s get started.

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Solution 1: Edit SMTPhường Server list

Open Mail ứng dụng.Select Preferences.In the Accounts tab, choose the trương mục which is Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) labeled as Offline.Cliông xã the SMTP.. server và choose Edit SMTPhường Server List from the menu.Enter the right username và password.

Solution 2: Delete and Add SMTP

Quit Mail ứng dụng.Go to Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access & delete all SMTP.. passwords from the keychain.Enter the name of your SMTP hệ thống in keychain search boxes lượt thích mail.mailhệ thố or smtp.mailhệ thố & find the entry which starts with SMTP://. Copy and store the password in your hard drive in the different locations (for safety).Delete all relevant password entries for SMTPhường servers.mở cửa Mail tiện ích & go to lớn Preferences -> Accounts tab.Choose your tài khoản SMTP hệ thống from the Edit SMTPhường servers các mục.Re-enter the password that you just deleted.

Solution 3: Force Quit your Mac 

Go lớn Apple thực đơn -> Force Quit.Choose Mail app và select Force Quit.Restart your computer.mở cửa the Mail ứng dụng và kiểm tra your issue.

Solution 4: Try DNS Address

Go to Network Preferences -> Advanced section of Ethernet and WiFi interfaces. Add the following DNS addresses.

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Solution 5: Use Mail Preferences 

Go khổng lồ Mail Preferences.From the left side danh mục, select the trương mục which causes the issue.Choose “Edit SMTP Server List” from the outgoing mail server drop-down menu.Correct the username by appending domain name name 9Ex:
tin nhắ or your own domain).Re-enter the password.

Solution 6: Quit your Mail App

Quickly press và release Option + Commvà + Esc key together.From the Force Quit menu select the Mail app.Now give the Force Quit option.After that reopen the Mail ứng dụng & kiểm tra if the problem is still occurring.


I hope this helps to fix this issue. If you know of any other solutions for the SMTPhường server offline Mac mail issue, kindly let me know through the comments section below. Thank you.

written by Arun Vasudev N

I am a Blogger, Content creator, Software developer, and Astrologer. I created this blog khổng lồ cốt truyện tips about iPhone, Máy tính bảng iPad, iPod, Mac, and Apple TV and to fix the issues that occur in it.

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15 responses lớn Mac Mail SMTP is Offline. How to lớn Get SMTP. Online?

C Popat says:
February 18, 2016 at 8:37 am

I have sầu a serious "Offline" Problem. In spite of trying all the options, the Outgoing Mail Server remains "Offline" only. Initially it does look like it will work, but after a while it turns khổng lồ "Offline". I have sầu Gmail tài khoản và I can only receive e-mail but can not skết thúc out. Surprisingly, it does work on my iPhone as well as on máy tính bảng iPad, but doesn't work on MacBook Air.This has happened after my office e-mail was changed to lớn two step security(which is a company e-mail but through gmail only)successfully but my personal tin nhắn id has this problem of going "offline"Can you help ??

February trăng tròn, năm nhâm thìn at 11:13 pm

I had been fighting with this for ages and tried all of the solutions listed lớn no avail. I finally went back into lớn the server danh sách again, opened up my desired offline server và removed my password. I realized that my working servers did not have a password for the smtp VPS. That did the trick. I tested & tested & I am baông chồng in business!

Jo says:
June 24, 2016 at 12:11 am

Thank you thank you Melissa! Been dealing with this for weeks on one computer and tried everything. Bachồng on line correctly. So greatful

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