113 of our favorite phishing simulation emails

Google has found that most phishing attacks (42%) target Gmail users in the US. Users in the UK were the second most targeted, with 10% of attacks. Japan came in third with 5% of phishing attacks. The researchers note that most attacks reuse the same English email templates, although attackers often adjust the language based on the targeted nations: “78% of the attacks targeting users in nhật bản occurred in Japanese, while 66% of attacks targeting Brazilian users occurred in Portuguese.”

The researchers also found that most phishing campaigns are “brief và bursty,” lasting about one lớn three days and targeting between 100 to 1,000 users with each gmail template. Attackers launch many of these campaigns, however, so the numbers quickly add up.

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“In a single week, these small-scale campaigns accounted for over 100 million phishing và malware emails in aggregate, targeting Gmail users around the globe,” the researchers write.

Google shares the following findings related khổng lồ the likelihood of certain users receiving phishing emails:

“Having your tin nhắn or other personal details exposed in a third-buổi tiệc ngọt data breach increased the odds of being targeted by phishing or malware by 5X.

“Where you live also affects risk. In nước Australia, users faced 2X the odds of attaông chồng compared to lớn the United States, despite the United States being the most popular target by volume (not per capita).

“With respect khổng lồ demographics, the odds of experiencing an attaông chồng was 1.64X higher for 55- to 64-year-olds, compared lớn 18- to lớn 24-year-olds.

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“Mobile-only users experienced lower odds of attack: 0.80X compared khổng lồ multi-device users. This may stem from socioeconomic factors related to device ownership và attackers targeting wealthier groups.”

Users can defkết thúc themselves against phishing attacks if they know how to spot them. New-school security awareness training with simulated phishing attempts can help your employees recognize & thwart social engineering attacks.

Google has the story.

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